May Day 2010 in Copenhagen

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As usual, International Workers Day was a combination of festivity and militance in the Danish capital, as a diversity of left and workers parties and organizations held various events around the city and throughout the day.  Below, a quick photojournal of the day’s proceedings.

Radicals fill the streets (but keep the bike lanes clear)

Known troublemaker shows her true colors

Commies in Red Bandanas!

Anarchists and the Economic Bubble

Communists and Anarchists march together (are you scared yet?)

The Aging Bolshevik Gerontocracy

Hardened Anarchists fill the boulevards

IT Zombies escape from their cubicles

Christiania Represents

Antifa:  Antifascist Action!

Drunken socialist debauchery

Drunken Communist debauchery

Drunken anarchist debauchery

In loving memory of my great-grandfather Lauritz Olesen.


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