Make me care.

Faux populism is protecting the powerful.

Whoever they are.  And then making it seem as if it’s about your interests in a good or bad sense as if the powerful are on your side.  So they will ask you to stick it to the other guy at election time, then talk about coexistence and happy happy joy joy cooperating with those self same people they wanted you to be angry enough to stick it to, whenever it’s in their interests to “work with” or “cooperate” with those self same people they wanted you to hate.

So you will have the Democratic Party.  You will have the Coffee Party, which wants to act as if it cares about your interests but is really interested in protecting selected politicians.  And you will have the Tea Party as the court jester and buffoon they want you to pay attention to.

My, my, it’s getting thick.  The theater is really all quite amusing.

Fuck all that we’ve got to get on with these

Gotta compete with the wily Japanese.

No need to worry about the Vietnamese,

Gotta bring the Russian Bear to his knees.

Well, maybe not the Russian Bear,

Maybe the Swedes.

We showed Argentina

Now let’s go and show these.

Make us feel tough

And wouldn’t Maggie be pleased?

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!

Not now John,

We’ve got to get on with the film show

Hollywood waits at the end of the rainbow

Who cares what it’s about as long as the kids go,

So, Not now John

We’ve gotta get on with the show.

Can’t stop

Lose job

Mind gone



What bomb?

Get away

Pay day

Make hay

Break down

Need fix

Big six

Click click

Hold on

Oh no

Bingo! (Bingo!)

Good luck with Bingo, Democrats, in November.  Obama said, “make me do it”.

I am saying ‘make me care’.  Really, I want to.  You just have to act in such a manner as to let me, and not make it obvious to one like me that it’s just a stupid little game to maintain your political power and keep those donations flowing.


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