Gergen is Right About Oil in Gulf–Updated just for DD

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Since this happened I’ve been commenting in various places that there seem to be no “there” there when it comes to this Administration. It has, as a crisis team, performed remarkably poorly. The Administrations response to this crisis in the Gulf of Mexico is stunning in its punyness as David Gergen points out in a CNN story.

Although this disaster is not an existential threat, it could be argued that if the U.S. government had fought World War II in the same way it has fought the oil spill, we might well be speaking German now.

I’m not a Gergen fan. He is, however and intelligent and engaged insider in Washington whose opinions reflect his milieu and counts for something.

Gergen gives, essentially, some suggestions.

Faced with a growing danger to our well-being, a WWII-type government would at minimum have:

  • Brought in the CEOs of all the major oil companies and charged them with the duty of an all-hands collaborative effort to stop the spill and help ward off the damage.
  • Brought in the best minds in the country, from universities and technology, for emergency efforts to find solutions.
  • Moved quickly to mobilize the National Guard and other military forces, if necessary, ensuring that they received the resources needed to protect our beaches.
  • Made a clear call to citizen volunteers to help where necessary.
  • Given Cabinet officers an ultimatum: Get this under control in the next 30 days, or else.

This was, to me, obvious after the first week. What is surprising to me is that I saw very little of this in the MSM. In fact the MSM basically but this horror of an event on the back-burner of its hierarchy of news. Any intelligent observer of the American political scene knows that placement of the news is usually politically motivated by the MSM. If powerful political forces say to downplay the story the MSM, in unison, will downplay it. If you are shocked then I suggest you hang out a bit in Washington like I have for three decades (at DD this last sentence is unnecessary).

Worse, on this site (DKOS)when criticizing the Obama administration on its handling of the crisis I and others have elicited a little storms of indignation.

What I’d like to know is what is wrong with Gergen’s approach? Not in his particulars but in the general approach. This is not a little spill on Alaska ice–harmful and bad but not the end of the world. This spill is, in a metaphorical sense, a kind of end of the world. I say this because someone I know who has spent a lifetime caring for and advocating for animals in a sometimes heroic way said to me in grief “it’s the end of the world.” What she meant by this I’m not sure but it came out of a heart that bleeds for all living things in a way mine doesn’t. I’m trying to say to all you who might read this: do you fucking realize how fucking important this is? Do you realize what this tells us about the attitude of this country and this site when this mega, mega, event happens and people here are worried about me and others criticizing Obama?

Maybe this thing will finally, after five long weeks, be capped. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But the concern here at DKOS ought to be for what this says about Democrats and this administration. Whether or not the administration has done the right thing or not this is of the utmost importance and should be on the front burner, not because I said so, but because our oceans are very fragile right now. If you don’t give a fuck about that then how about this being the crown in the jewel of this administration’s show of insensitivity to anything left of center Democrats might be concerned about–we all know the long litany–war, war, war, torture, torture, bailout of Wall Street, lack of interest in prosecuting massive fraud, lukewarm support of barely breathing financial reform efforts, bogus HCR bill (sorry the bill is slightly better than worthless) to name just a few things.

I may have a bad attitude but I can guarantee you that Obama is now looking bad not just to me but to important members of the Washington establishment who are in a position to make things very difficult for Obama. I would remind you that the last President who pissed off that establishment was Jimmy Carter–though I’m sure no one will ever be able to achieve the degree of pure hatred he elicited.

**Update: Looks like what I thought was a fairly harmless diary has turned into a real donnybrook over at GOS. My diary is off the rec list and a spin off is spinning along nicely here. From just touching on it you can see it is hate-filled and venomous. Makes me want to join the Tea Party folks. I think they might rough me up a little then sit with me and get drunk. These guys would be pulling my fingernails off as they inject mysterious drugs into my system. Wow is all I can say–it takes so little to fire them up. It’s actually comical.


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    • banger on May 25, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    I’ll try and edit those references.

    • RiaD on May 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    it’s past closing now

    (h/t dharmasyd)

    from Monkeyfister


    At about 8am, CDT, as I watched, things started changing rapidly. Where the water around the two major gush points used to be very clear, it is now super turbid, and detritus is flying everywhere in a chaotic manner. seabed venting is obvious to see when ROV cameras pan around.

    Yet-to-be-confirmed rumors are that the casing wall has finally worn through, about 300 feet below seabed, at an annulus (coupling), and the gas and oil are now finding a new way out to the seabed.

    Not good news, as it will make the Top-Kill/Junk Shot nearly ineffectual… At the least, it means that more pressure and mud/cement is going to be required.

    UPDATE 1:20pm CDT: While watching, ANOTHER major “explosion” occurred. ROV Cam now covered in Oil. It was pushed around by the force of expulsion, or moved back a few feet by controllers. Our Favorite Disaster Bot is taking a beating. Gush seems to have at least doubled in size and volume.

    Photo series equating 12:23 minutes from “WTF?” to BOOOM! No need for ROV “reading” lectures, The pipe end billowed out, and then everywhere around billowed up, and then SPLAT!:


    UPDATE 5:45pm CDT: A brand new MAJOR eruption is happening. tune into the SpillCam at . It’s black, all you can see is a cable. It started with yet another GUSH plume/tornado.

    Oh, dear– now, we can see that that is a LOT of oil– and a BLIZZARD of Hydrates..

    UPDATE 6:03pm CDT: The current eruption is way, way worse than the several that occured earlier. I think this might be a “Main Event” situation.

    UPDATE 6:45pm CDT: An hour after the start of this most recent eruption, and it is still just a wall of oil, methane crystals, and gack.

    Our Favorite Disaster Bot is damaged, and needs an oil change and the windshield cleaned. Up it goes.

    Oh, fuck… look at all the giant plumes in the water column… wow!

    UPDATE 7:35pmCDT: Live feed of recent blowout froze-up, requiring a reload of page. All of a sudden– no more black chaos– just the current clear-water gusher view. I suspect loop tape, but I have the screen grabs from the entire day, below.

    UPDATE 8:15pm CDT: Top-Kill Delayed Imagine my surprise.

    UPDATE 11:51pmCDT: Another major eruption. These are not coming from the riser. They are coming in to view from elsewhere, even in the long, high-view shots. Sometimes from behind the ROV. Twenty-four hours of near non-stop SpillCam viewing, and not one look at the BOP.

    Grab of the latest (11:51pm) eruption– that is the Floodlighting Rig… Occluded:


  1. The response to this calamity has been absolutely horrible.  Whether it has been response in terms of actually resources or communication to public from WH.  

    President’s pragmatism is causing him credibility.  People have been saying for quite some time that he has to chose sides – slicing down the middle doesn’t work.  

    He really needs to examine his own rhetoric.  He said that our actions are not meeting the magnitude of the problems.  This definitely applies to his own administration.  

  2. talk some sense to the obama crazies but they are some serious sheeple over there.

    One thing i can say without any equivocation is that the oil gushing from the well and Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan and the current economic meltdown part II and the EU fiscal crisis and DADT and the Tea-Party and the failures of our education system and….

    He can’t walk fast enough…run fast enough from this. He either grows a backbone asap and takes on the powers that be or he will be a part of history as president in a matter of a few years. The world is opening its eyes to the gaping shithole we have created and they are going to start demanding  something more than half measures and pragmatic reform that does nothing. This is our environmental Pearl Harbor. It is crisis time.

    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Thomas Paine

  3. out of a scene with dancing frogs in the Small World ride at Disneyland. He’s the manufactured character of the newly invented genre of cartoon politics, where up is down, left is right and yes is no; where amusement is supposed to take your minds off the trials and tribulations of daily life; where plastic puppets, acrobatics and a hummable song will make you wish you wouldn’t ever have to face the real world again.


    You couldn’t have dreamed this shit up if you tried: Drones cutting down humans like video games, Oil gushing out of a man made wound in Mother Earth killing any life in its path, Compulsory enrollment under the fear of punishment in unregulated private medical plans, A rebirth of the mercenary army, Permanent indebtedness as the cost of a higher education and a Congress whipped and chained like sex slaves to the perverted whims of their corporate masters————->>>>>—————–?

    • banger on May 25, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Well, for some reason I got put up there maybe to be a dart board.

    Very interesting. I was trying to think about who the people who were slamming me where–what motivated them?

    I know for a fact that some of them are operatives but have not kept us enough over there to identify them by name. As most of you probably know PR firms use blogs and social networking to get their message accross. I am sure that some of this comes directly from the WH particularly at GOS. This is one reason I like to go there sometimes and stir the pot though I feel a little dirty for it.

    I’d actually like to know what you all think is going on over there–has anyone heard what is going on–are Dem party operatives in charge? Just curious. Some of the attacks were just over the top. I was ready to start throwing punches but I cant afford a new screen.

  4. now Gergen.

    You know Obama’s White Star liner is sinking fast when even the old Clinton boiler room hands start heading for the lifeboats.

    Reminds me a lot of when Poppy Bush’s National Security team (Scowcroft, Carlucci, etc.) began speaking out about Junior’s bungling in Iraq.

    Eventually the old Republican guard managed to get rid of that insane old coot Rummy, but by that time that damage had already been done.

    I wonder how long its going to take for the old Dem guard to get rid of Rahm….  

  5. the government “can’t” handle the well and therefore it MUST use BP.

    So some operative questions come up.

    The most obvious question is, with a discretionary military budget of 500 billion annually and more than 3000 operational wells in the Gulf of Mexico, why the fuck not ?

    If they don’t have such a capability, this brings into question the entire National Security assessment and military procurement process.  There are 3000 other wells, and they didn’t think of a catastrophe like this and its national security implications?!  Get out.

    If they don’t have the capability, they better get the capability.

    Second, only BP is equipped to deal with a mile deep gusher?  What about the other oil companies in the world?

  6. first off, the response diary was written by some mean little smartass who routinely shags the health care writers.  

    but here’s a great sample quote comment about the oil spill underwater cam being turned off

    They should kill off the feed

    all thats doing is giving ammunition to the whiners and people who have no idea what they are talking about

    Hey, maybe they could turn off the satellite pictures, too !  Ban the weather channel.  Do a media blackout on Louisiana, Texas, Miss, Ark, Florida.  Close off the highways except to military traffic.  Establish a blockade. Ban the teaching of physics in high school and colleges.

    And stuff the toothpaste back in the tube with a fork.

    Then fix the well with golf balls.

    • Arctor on May 26, 2010 at 2:25 am

    without them. Try it, I survived without it. This is fun but seriously they should be ignored as irrelevant.

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