Dear Mom

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it’s been a long, long time and yet….

sometimes it seems like only yesterday….

at the strangest times i think of you

i’ll see something i’d like to buy for you

a little mouse, a bunch of roses, a beaded bag…

i turn to pick up the phone

to tell you of my latest project

to get help with how to turn a seam just so

to moan about my troubles

i look at my split ends

& know how upset you’d be to see them

but i don’t trust anyone else

to trim my hair

i’d like to thank you

for O so many things….

for teaching me that beauty

is on the inside

that manners are important

the grease that keeps society running

that traditions…. well

each family drawing from what they knew growing up

either liking or despising & combining from others…

they make their own

sure, you often give advice that i don’t take

don’t want to hear…

and yet…..

to have you there… listening

was often enough

i miss seeing your quirky smile

when you were trying not to laugh

that one tooth out of line

that you’re so self conscious of…

i’d like to tell you how my children are

how their children are

& hear you say how much they look like me

i’d like to see you holding the princess

have a picture with us all

four girls of different generations

and yet so much alike

i wish i could’ve been there

to say goodbye

i miss you mom


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    • RiaD on May 9, 2010 at 17:26

    lost their mothers find peace today….


    • RiaD on May 9, 2010 at 17:42


  1. to hurry and call her so I would be “first”

    She always laughed at that.

    She and I were the early risers.

    I was always first.

    It took my breath away.

  2. sigh. lovely essay Ria, thank you.

    Was thinking about mine too…. “right again, Mom”…. how many times I said that in my head over the years, but not before age 30 or so.

    Ive also thought many times about how it is for so many of us Boomers…. whose parents came of age during the Depression, and did most of their falling in love during WWII.

    So many of Mom’s “lessons” are so deeply ingrained in me, they are taboo:

    Never never mess with anybody’s mail.

    Always write timely thank you notes, especially for long distance gifts. (If you opened it in front of the gifter & thanked them in person, you’re excused.)

    No white sandals after Labor Day. (whut?)

    To any man any where, any time, I dont care WHO you are: NEVER put your paws in my purse. EVER.

    No dessert until after you eat your vegetables.


    Anytime somebody accuses you of being a certain way (negative), it’s usually because they are.

    Go to college, get that degree. Not a choice. You’re going.

    Don’t learn to type, they’ll just keep you there. (oops)

    Don’t believe everything you read.

    Men… most men are self centered overgrown boys, but {sigh} what can ya do. (?)


    NEVER cross a picket line.

    Anytime you see the economy goin’ down the toilet, look out, we’re goin’ to War.

    God bless FDR and Jack Kennedy.

    They’re (politicians) all a bunch liars and thieves, the lot of them.

    Vote anyway. No matter what.


    Don’t forget to say your prayers and be grateful.

    Miss you, Mom.

  3. My own mom:

    Don’t be mean.  Be nice.  Be kind.  You can’t take the words back.  Now go apologize.  You’ll feel better.

    and what a cook! on a limited budget.  Fridays: Salmon patties, potato pancakes, salad, and a real treat, Coke.

    Sundays – what else?  spaghetti – none of that store bought gravy (sauce). meatballs, braciol, salads, home made Italian bread.  I don’t eat meat anymore but my mouth waters when I think of braciole.  and a small glass of red wine for the kids.  Often the whole large extended family ate together.

    What blessings I had.


    • RiaD on May 10, 2010 at 02:04


  4. After busting my ass for fucking five years on attending seminar after fucking seminar on elder care and financial asset protection scams you reported me to elder services and I had to answer a complaint for elder abuse.  This was after I  showed up at the nursing home and recovered Dad’s unsecured $27,000 dollar limit Mastercard the ambulance attendants and nursing home staff happened to miss.  You suddenly decided not to drive a car and left me with a month long dial a doctor chase of pamper yourself hypocondriac restless leg syndrome ask your doctor for and they dutifully obliged you with.  The resulting scenario included a rational case worker who relieved my responsiblilties not doubt a great taxpayer expense to everybody from the care of a husband who took care of you for the last 27 years.  No he can’t dance really good anymore so he was of no use to you.  But in spite of your fucking up totally the family legacy of the 200 acre farm, the forced sale of that, the money invested in the markets which take away any prosepects of a job for my grandson and or the lawyers which demand $25,000 to protect the family assets in the end you have a fucking piece of paper which states you have X amount of dollars which can be raided by the globalists anytime they please.  I have seen the visions of me dying before you do.  The discontinuation of our very bloodlines resulting from your actions when you could have done more.  You should have know better growing up the daughter of a pauper clammer/naturalist duck bander.  Depression baby, WWII and all but not, sociopathic self knows not bounds and what the doctors told Dad after I was born happened again with a vengance but I won’t cut you loose money or not.

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