Cheney Personally Issued Visas to 9/11 Terrorists!

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Although Mohamed Atta and his crew of suicide bombers had been identified as al Qaeda terrorists and barred from entering the United States before 9/11, Richard B. Cheney personally issued all of them “special student visas” without further investigation.

And wouldn’t the Democrats be screaming bloody murder if George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney had personally intervened to make 9/11 possible!

But after Ken Salazar personally intervened in federal court to overturn an injunction against offshore drilling, specifically for the catastrophic well at Mississippi Canyon Block 252…

Democrats just grinned their usual shit-eating grins, and blamed everybody else except Barack Obama.

And that’s the real story.

Obama/Salazar intervened last year to allow BP to drill at Mississippi Canyon Block 252, where tens of millions of gallons of oil are now polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

The actual exploratory drilling was approved by the Obama administration on April 6, 2009.

Within days of the 2009 approval, the Center for Biological Diversity and its allies won a court order vacating the Bush Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan. Rather than use the court order as a timeout on new offshore oil drilling to develop a new plan, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar filed a special motion with the court to exempt approved oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. He specifically identified BP’s operation as one that should be released from the vacature.

So the system actually worked, and offshore drilling  had been shut down around Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, but then…

Obama/Salazar intervened in court to start drilling again, in April 2009, without further evironmental review, exactly where Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank.

And just because this is exactly the aspect of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that so many Democrats want to forget, I’ll connect those two dots one more time.

1. The federal courts shut down offshore drilling in April 2009.

2. Obama/Salazar intervened to get BP a permit to drill its famous goddamned well.

So why aren’t the Democrats outraged about Obama’s catastrophic irresponsibility?

Let’s ask the most famous Democrat of them all, who once explained a similar conundrum.

“Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.


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  1. Why would Obama be BP’s top receiver of camapign donations?


    During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records


  2. chaos orchestrated by oil, money and bombs, kind of like

    a brotherhood of good friends just doin god’s work for the

    uninitiated; only a harmless, interlocking, international directorate to make the world safe from unauthorized access. Obama’s just a new member. Give him time, he’s just learning the ropes.  

  3. surfaced at various parts of the global alive.  Still other CT news has them as operatives of the “intelligence” communities.  Pilots for 911 truth recently brought up the remote control of aircraft which rose out of the 1970 hijackings as a preventative measure.

    Then there is the Cheney/bunker does the order still stand controversy.  The nano-thermite, the put options on American Airlines,the Silverstein “pull it” comments, the BBC reporting building seven twenty minutes ahead of time, the massive pools of molten steel, the asbestos abatement problems in WTC 1 and 2, the buildings non-profitability, the focus on insuring them against “terrorism” and or the dancing Israeli Mossad agents, the cabin door of flight 77 having never been opened, the in desputed flight paths of the pentagon aircraft, the seized recordings of every camera near the Pentagon, the faked hole in the ground in pennsylvania, the pre-written patiot act, the Pavlovian news propaganda associating Saddam with 911,PNAC,order 81, the Downing Street memo non-event, the torture rendition non-prosecutions, the Puppy Chucking Marine and depleted uranium.

    Is that enough?  Quite sure I left out most of it!

  4. …. in any way, shape, or form proof of this.

    Now, if you put in a link about how the Bush administration made sure that the Bin Laden family members were hustled out of our country post- haste right after 9/11….…   wiki, Richard Clarke

    Another point of attack for Clarke’s critics was his role in allowing members of the bin Laden family to fly to Saudi Arabia on September 14, 2001. According to Clarke’s statements to the 9/11 Commission, a member of the Bush Administration relayed to Clarke the request of the Saudi embassy to allow the members of the bin Laden family living in the U.S. to fly to Saudi Arabia. Clarke testified to the commission that he relayed this decision in turn to the FBI via Dale Watson, and that the FBI at length sent its approval of the flight to the Interagency Crisis Management Group.[25] However, FBI spokesman John Iannarelli denied that the FBI had a role in approving the flight: “I can say unequivocally that the FBI had no role in facilitating these flights.”[26]

    Saving the Saudis – Craig Unger

    excerpt fr 2003 Vanity Fair story about the Bandar bin Sultan, House of Saud, Bin Laden, and Bush families before and after 911.

    Then one of the pilots arrived. “Here’s your plane,” he told Grossi. “Whenever you’re ready to go.”

    Unbeknownst to Dan Grossi, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the 52-year-old Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States, had been in Washington orchestrating the exodus of about 140 Saudis scattered throughout the country who were members of, or close to, two enormous families. One was the House of Saud, the family that rules the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that, owing to its vast oil reserves, is the richest family in the world. The other was the ruling family’s friends and allies the bin Ladens, who, in addition to owning a multi-billion-dollar construction conglomerate, had spawned the notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden. Thanks to the bin Ladens’ extremely close relationship with the House of Saud, the family’s huge construction company, the Saudi Binladin Group, had won contracts to restore the holy mosques in Mecca and Medina, two of the greatest icons in all of Islam.


    In the days immediately after 9/ 11 – he doesn’t remember exactly when – Clarke was approached in the Situation Room about quickly repatriating the Saudis.

    “Somebody brought to us for approval the decision to let an airplane filled with Saudis, including members of the bin Laden family leave the country,” Clarke says. “My role was to say that it can’t happen until the F.B.I. approves it. And so the F.B.I. was asked – we had a live connection to the F.B.I. – and we asked the F.B.I. to make sure that they were satisfied that everybody getting on that plane was someone that it was O.K. to leave. And they came back and said yes, it was fine with them. So we said, ‘Fine, let it happen.”‘ Clarke, who has since left the government and now runs a consulting firm in Virginia, adds that he does not recall who initiated the request, but that it was probably either the F.B.I. or the State Department. Both agencies deny playing any role whatsoever in the episode. “It did not come out of this place,” says one source at the State Department. “The likes of Prince Bandar does not need the State Department to get this done.”

    No, I’m not a CTer, some things just look real funny, like Bush & Cheney making all those trips out here to save Doolittle’s sorry political a$$ when he was running for re election in 2006, and lying about being under investigation by the Dept of Justice, then Bush’s  AG Gonzales went and fired all those state attorney generals investigating the bribery going on.  And it was just a coincidence that the lobbyist Kevin Ring trial under Holder and Obama,  was a mistrial because the jury locked because they couldn’t figure out that Ring was bribing Doolittle, or rather, the DOD couldn’t make the case that there was anything wrong with that even if Julie Doolittle had worked and gotten paid by  Jack Abramoff for doing nothing.  And it was just a coincidence that Abramoff signed a big lobbying contract with these Asian funded, Hong Kong based energy lobbyists in the month of September, 2001, not long after the attack, and that Karl Rove made sure his team of Republican Congressmen were very well taken care of.

    No.  Nothing to see here.  

    I’m still trying to figure out just who “our” son of a b*tch is supposed to be here in this administration.    

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