Wild Wild Left Radio #62 Disaster Capitalism in Real Time

Tonight at 6PM Eastern Time, WWL Radio!!!!!

Gottlieb and Diane G. will be live and in color (or is that off color?) on WWL radio tonight at 6pm Eastern Time to guide you through Current Events taken from a Wildly Left Prospective.

Hear the Unreported & Under Reported Headlines stories you should be paying attention to, from US Politics, to the farthest reaches of the Earth by the WWL coalition of subversion: undermining the PTB by speaking Truth to Power!!!!

The human and environmental disasters are in everyone’s hearts and minds right now: From the latest mine collapse, to the eco-disaster unfolding in the Gulf. As we report both of these serious events, we have to ask: The lives of humans, or the life of the Planet itself; is that the price of profit?

Then there is the horrific overt racism in what is known as Arizona’s SB 1070, bound to fail, yet entered into the Public Fray for a purpose. We will be exploring who profited from the passage of this travesty of hate.

There is controversy surrounding immigration in Great Britain as well, with an election changing comment, “bigoted woman” by Gordon Brown. The climate of competition for ever declining resources; resources pillaged by the Rich from the masses, sets an ugly stage for racism and clannishness to raise its ugly head. Is hate the price of profit?

Join us as we report these stories and speak about the underlying thread through every aspect of these catastrophic events ~  while all these stories are real and problematic, they are greatly distracting from the conversation that is their true cause: Financial Reform, here and abroad.

It is the unregulated markets that are causing us to vie worldwide for a diminishing piece of the pie. They continue to plunder recklessly, cut corners for profit, and gamble on our failures; making our livelihoods in danger, our lives at risk, and the destruction of our ecosystem the price we pay.

Will sanity and regulation be forced upon Wall Street, in the face of the obvious fact they knew and intended to profit off of the collapse? Will there be restrictions put in place in the Global Market before utter World Financial calamity ensues?

Its time to get serious, add your voice, and force this conversation into the American (and World) psyche.

Please join us!

Controversy? We face it. Cutting Edge? We step over it. Revolutions start with information, and The Wild Wild Left Radio brings you the best in information and op/eds from a position that others on the Left fear to tread.

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Join Gottlieb and Diane every Friday at 6pm EDT on Wild Wild Left Radio, via BlogtalkRadio, for News from the Real Left. No hand-wringing, no PC, just straight talk from reality based politics.

WWL Radio: Free Speech in Practice.

The call in number is 646-929-1264

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