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OpenSecrets.org: Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment banks, was also among the many banks in 2008 and 2009 to receive billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help it stay afloat. Like others in the securities industry, Goldman Sachs advises and invests in nearly every industry affected by federal legislation. The firm closely monitors issues including economic policy, trade and nearly all legislation that governs the financial sector. It has been a major proponent of privatizing Social Security as well as legislation that would essentially deregulate the investment banking/securities industry. The firm tends to give most of its money to Democrats. A number of high-ranking government officials in recent years have spent part of their careers at Goldman Sachs.

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The numbers on this page are based on contributions of $200 or more from PACs and individuals to federal candidates and from PAC, individual and soft money donors to political parties, as reported to the Federal Election Commission. While election cycles are shown in charts as 1996, 1998, 2000 etc. they actually represent two-year periods. For example, the 2002 election cycle runs from January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2002. NOTE: Soft money contributions were not publicly disclosed until the 1991-92 election cycle and were banned after the 2002 cycle.

Data for the current election cycle was released by the Federal Election Commission on March 21, 2010.

Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.


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  1. The legislature, no make that political office in general, is the larger veal pen*.

    After watching some videos on debt, monetary policy, and the banksters, I’ve come to the conclusion that although we “won” WWII, the Civil War, and the Revolution, we’ve actually given away all the fruits of our victories to the banksters and the fascists and neutered ourselves in the process. We are so screwed unless we fight back with united force, and the propaganda of the Faux News outlets keeps us divided. It’s pure Machiavellian.

    * http://fdlaction.firedoglake.c

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    This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2008 election cycle. The organizations themselves did not donate , rather the money came from the organization’s PAC, its individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

    Because of contribution limits, organizations that bundle together many individual contributions are often among the top donors to presidential candidates. These contributions can come from the organization’s members or employees (and their families). The organization may support one candidate, or hedge its bets by supporting multiple candidates. Groups with national networks of donors – like EMILY’s List and Club for Growth – make for particularly big bundlers.

    University of California                 $1,591,395
    Goldman Sachs                           $994,795
    Harvard University                       $854,747
    Microsoft Corp                           $833,617
    Google Inc                               $803,436
    Citigroup Inc                           $701,290
    JPMorgan Chase & Co                     $695,132
    Time Warner                             $590,084
    Sidley Austin LLP                       $588,598
    Stanford University                     $586,557
    National Amusements Inc                 $551,683
    UBS AG                                   $543,219
    Wilmerhale Llp                           $542,618
    Skadden, Arps et al                     $530,839
    IBM Corp                                 $528,822
    Columbia University                     $528,302
    Morgan Stanley                           $514,881
    General Electric                         $499,130
    US Government                           $494,820
    Latham & Watkins                         $493,835
  2. ….  and now, with the April quarterly filings out, which detail more of the post insurance bailout largesse being distributed, they’ll like it even less.  

  3. …to themselves of course.

    • on April 18, 2010 at 9:34 am

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  4. to Obama in ’08, besides Goldman Sachs include JP Morgan — $581,460, Citigroup — $581,216, Swiss bank UBS’s American arm — more than $500,000.

    “Bankers certainly want to be well represented at the table as the government hands out rescue funds and decides how to regulate the industry going forward,” said Massie Ritsch, a spokesman for the Centre for Responsive Politics, which compiled the figures.  Guardian Nov. 8, 2008.

    While the bankers weren’t rewarded with diplomatic posts to glamorous overseas capitals, many other donor bundlers were.

    Charles H. Rivkin, a Los Angeles-based children’s television executive and an $800,000 bundler, is in Paris; Alan Solomont, a Boston-based investor and $500,000 bundler, is in Madrid; Louis B. Susman, a Chicago investor and $500,000 bundler, is in London; and former Virginia lieutenant governor Don Beyer, a $745,000 bundler, is in Bern, Switzerland.

    Nicole Avant, a member of a Motown family dynasty who is credited with bundling up to $800,000 for Obama, was granted the coveted and cushy ambassadorship in Nassau, Bahamas

  5. in 2006, the Dems got a million and the Repubs about .6 million

    2006 top recipients of Goldman Sachs $  had some long memories in 2009


    Senate Clinton, Hillary $138,570

    House Ford, Harold E Jr $94,697

    Senate Menendez, Robert $84,700

    •Senate Bayh, Evan $48,550

    House Brown, Sherrod $44,700

    House Cardin, Ben $40,450

    Senate Cantwell, Maria $39,800

    •Senate Lieberman, Joe $33,950

    •Senate Conrad, Kent $30,600

    Senate Kean, Thomas H Jr $29,500

    Senate Santorum, Rick $27,000

    Senate Whitehouse, Sheldon $24,800

    Senate DeWine, Mike $23,750

    •House Cantor, Eric $23,300

    •Senate Hutchison, Kay Bailey $22,500

    House Baker, Richard $22,400

    •Senate Nelson, Bill $22,200

    •Senate Baucus, Max $21,900

    Senate Casey, Bob $19,250

    •House Emanuel, Rahm $18,800

    See all recipients

    2008 top recipients Goldman Sachs

    •Senate Obama, Barack $996,595   Pres candidate

    Senate Clinton, Hillary $411,150   Pres candidate

    Delegate Romney, Mitt $234,275

    Senate McCain, John $230,095

    House Himes, Jim $155,098

    •Senate Dodd, Chris $112,500           Pres candidate

    Delegate Giuliani, Rudolph W $111,750

    Delegate Edwards, John $66,450      Pres candidate, poor choice in mistresses and videographers

    Senate Specter, Arlen $47,600

    •House Emanuel, Rahm $37,750      triangulator in chief apprentice

    Senate Sununu, John E $31,400

    Senate Reed, Jack $30,100

    House Skelly, Michael Peter $26,171

    •Senate Baucus, Max $26,000              Dem senator

    •Senate Harkin, Tom $24,580              how’s that starter house coming along

    Senate Lautenberg, Frank R $24,100

    Senate Chambliss, Saxby $22,400

    •Senate Collins, Susan M $21,900      “moderate” yeah sure

    •Senate Warner, Mark $21,800              blew dawg

    •Senate Landrieu, Mary L $20,700      oil queen of the bayou

    See all recipients

    now to this year  2010

    House McMahon, Michael E $50,550   Dem fr NY first elected 2008

    Senate Shelby, Richard C $34,600

    •Senate Gillibrand, Kirsten $23,800

    House Murphy, Scott $23,450

    •Senate Schumer, Charles E $22,600

    House Kirk, Mark $21,600

    House Pleitez, Emanuel $20,175

    •Senate Wyden, Ron $15,900

    House Himes, Jim $15,150

    Senate Khazei, Alan $14,600

    House Hodes, Paul W $13,100

    Senate Crist, Charles J Jr $10,100

    House Dold, Robert $9,850

    House Bean, Melissa $9,400

    Senate Bennett, Robert F $8,800

    House Roskam, Peter $7,400

    House Saujani, Reshma M $7,200

    Senate Coakley, Martha $7,050

    House Blunt, Roy $6,200

    House Adler, John H $5,750

    See all recipients

    • Edger on April 19, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    …last week the Securities and Exchange Commission accused the Gucci-loafer guys at Goldman of engaging in what amounts to white-collar looting.


    The main moral you should draw from the charges against Goldman, though, doesn’t involve the fine print of reform; it involves the urgent need to change Wall Street. Listening to financial-industry lobbyists and the Republican politicians who have been huddling with them, you’d think that everything will be fine as long as the federal government promises not to do any more bailouts. But that’s totally wrong – and not just because no such promise would be credible.

    For the fact is that much of the financial industry has become a racket – a game in which a handful of people are lavishly paid to mislead and exploit consumers and investors. And if we don’t lower the boom on these practices, the racket will just go on.

    Paul Krugman

  6. Bonuses after three months into the calender year? Right at a time when the SEC files allegations of illegal conduct? This is a major distraction designed to take the heat off of something, what is it?

    Perhaps it has something to do with Guantanamo? Or perhaps something more sinister, like a strike on Iran?

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