Two Photos From Afghanistan

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US Army photo by Staff Sgt. Horace Murray

Now Dah is a very small village north-west of Bagram AFB in Afghanistan, and it’s virtually invisible on the internet except for photographs by American soldiers, distributing humanitarian assistance or “engaging key leaders,” as above, April 20, 2010.

During the same engagement, an Afghan boy “playfully” aimed his slingshot at the photographer, Staff Sergeant Horace Murray, 982nd Signal Company (COMCAM), US Army Reserve, from Wilson, North Carolina.



  1. ….  and don’t think a slingshot can’t hurt like *****, lol.  I bet he gets a lot of small game with that but is also pinging his unsuspecting cousins.

  2. Nice photos, although the thoughts that come up, in my viewing them, are not so comfortable.

    The elder does not seem to have much hope for the future the child may have.

    The youngster, on the other hand, sees the whole world as his, as do all adolescents.

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