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I’m calling for a revolution.

In the way that we do politics.

Too much ink has been spilled, justifying

current policies, and those of the past,

under the ideological program:

“socialize the risks, privatize the gains.”

Too many see ready capitulation,

as not only necessary, but good.

We eagerly socialize the risks,

to us all, and privatize profits,

for the very few.

We give 300 million acres of ocean,

to Exxon for a pittance,

while Granny freezes to death.

We give 30 million customers,

to the insurance industry,

while Mom gets sick and dies.

We loan trillions to Wall Street,

while Dad gets behind on his payments.

And we spend billions on defense,

and send our daughters off to die,

for lost causes.  

What if we refused,

And started to claw the gains back,

And cut Wall Street free?

No more “too big to fail.”

No more Blackwater.

No more surrendering the public interest,

to the private good.

Whatever this is,

it won’t last.

That’s all but guaranteed.

Corporate interests will devour everything that’s left,

and leave us with nothing,

Things fall apart.

Unless we really understand what’s going on,

and make sure we fix it,

we’ll spiral downwards,

farther away from our goals,

the opposite of progress.

Breaking the ideological hegemony,

that threatens our very existence,

won’t be easy,

and I wonder if we have the tolerance,

for the pain it would require.

I doubt it.

But we’ll have to toughen up,

at some point,

whether we’d like to, or not.

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  1. tipped and rec’d twice!

  2. I spoke to my friend today and saw my future job…..

    he had two trash bags each with a note tied in it….

    tied together struggling down the street towards the local high school…..

    they were filled with aluminum cans…….

    another new carrer for the jobless……

  3. The one of Moloch chewing up the earth, against a pink sky.  Maybe “love” isn’t the right word, but it’s a strikingly effective image.  Is “LAF” the signature?  Do you know who the artist is?

  4. Very excellent essay, & your choice of images so appropriate.

    I believe that the biggest mistake is in underestimating those who`ve had to “toughen-up”.

    A toughened up populace is not so easy to fool.

    A “point of no return” is not what it seems to mean.

    Once the ‘toughened up’ see that there is no return on their investment in pain & suffering, that`s the point, called, the “Flash point” or the “boiling point”.

    That will then, be, the point of no return.

    There will be tears & anguish.

  5. as a concise and moving call to reason. I think it will have to get worse before the people are wiling to admit that hope with out action and allegiance to your oppressors will not bring about change only the people will. Thanks this is beautiful and inspiring.  

  6. I think I’ve found my genre.

  7. Just the images alone make the statement.

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