Piss on the Planet …

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This ad comes via Canada. GreenCalgary is running an idle-free campaign with, we could say, a bit of a different twist.

The negative health and environmental impacts of idling have been known for over a decade. Yet, all over the city of Calgary we are leaving our cars running while not in use for an average of 5-10 minutes per car per day. Idling is unnecessary. It wastes fuel, produces more harmful emissions than normal driving, damages engines, and contributes to climate change

A good example of how idling is counter-productive and dangerous comes from diesel fumes from school buses — creating direct health risks for school-age children.

the levels of diesel exhaust on a bus can be four times as high as those found in passenger cars driving just ahead of the bus. And the concentration of diesel fumes found inside the buses were more than eight times that of the average amount found in California’s outdoor air.

idling buses often spew out higher concentrations of particles and carbon than moving buses, although buses may emit more when climbing hills or moving in heavy traffic.

children on diesel buses breathe in more soot than everyone else in the surrounding metropolitan area combined, and up to 70 percent more soot than the average commuter. … Kids not only face this increased risk from exposure; they are also more vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that young children’s lungs will get two and half times the dose of soot particles as an adult’s lungs.

Sensible school districts have anti-idling policies for their buses. (See EPA’s anti-idling campaign as part of the Clean School Bus effort). Sadly, they are too rarely seriously enforced. Eliminating (nearly) that threat is one reason that plug-in hybrid electric school buses (PHESBs) are a smart step forward.

In the interim, as we wait for PHESBs and electric cars and better transit and more telecommuting and flex time and smart growth and …, learn more about idling and stop being idle.

Idling doesn’t take you very far… and getting nowhere is costing you a lot of money! Idling an engine for more than ten seconds uses more fuel than turning the engine off and restarting it. So all that time spent idling is costing us money that we didn’t need to spend!

So, idling pisses money away while pissing on the planet.

Hat-tip to Auto Blog Green and The Car Connection.


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  1. Can not get behind offing people just so the elites can stay at the top of the food chain.  Above the scam of the global Bernie Madoff trading bank there is this.


  2. …. coal to burn to generate that electricity.

    Here in the United States of Insecurity, the military is claiming you can’t put wind turbines in without messing up the military’s radar.

    In 2006 Sen. John Warner (Virginia) put in a last minute amendment to a Defense authorization act for FY 2006 which said that the Sec of Defense had to do a study on windmill farms vs military radar installations. So Homeland Security issued an interim Policy which says the DOD is to contest the establishment of windmill farms within radar line of the site of the NAD and Homeland Security Radars.

    Somehow in other countries they have engineered around this alleged problem.

    God Save Us From Renewable Resources.

    pdf in case you want to look, or can be quick viewed on google docs Wind Turbines and Radar


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