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  1. and

    to both Christorock and other “stuff” too

    • Xanthe on April 15, 2010 at 20:17

    I can’t even pull weeds.  Aw heck, let em have another day in the sun.  Truly.

  2. seriously.

    I have a family obligation thing in June… this time my family (vs in-laws) and I do love’ em so thats good, but i also hate ’em so thats not so good.

    Saving grace… they live in Florida!!! w00t!

    We (me and kid) will do the wedding thing, in Orlando, then we’re heading straight for the beach. Wanna go? 🙂

    Daytona. yah baybee.


  3. I do not text, oh sam-i-am,

    I do not text, texts are spam

    I will not text u from my house

    I will not text your blackberry mouse

    I will not text you from my car

    I cannot read your texts from bars

    I will not text you here or there

    I do not like texts anywhere.

    I do not text oh sam-i-am

    dancing cartoons are still spam

    I will send some text replies

    “call or email, all you guys”

    I do not text or d/l your file

    I do not like texts any style

    text & drive is dumb as rocks

    can you text from a 6ft box?

    so text me, text me if you can

    I will delete it sam-i-am.

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