Mass Deportation, Open Borders, or Bullshit?

If you look for the meat in what amounts to a vast bullshit-sandwich of Republican blather about immigration, you eventually come down to mass deportation of millions of illegal immigrants.

And likewise if you swallow all the piss-and-moan Democratic hysteria about Arizona’s worse-than-the-fucking-Nazis plan “to stop people on the suspicion that they may be undocumented workers,” at the bottom of that steaming urinal you arrive at open borders.

But of course it’s always nothing definite with the major American political parties, and we citizens just have to guess at their hidden agendas on the basis of whatever stinking con-game has been calculated to deliver the most votes right now.

So which is it, Republicans and Democrats?

Mass deportation of millions of our hard-working friends and neighbors, or open borders, and de facto American citizenship for everybody in the Western Hemisphere, and beyond?

What a beautiful choice!

Or is it more like an inevitable dilemma, that all of us chose and keep choosing every time we elect yet another NAFTA-lovin’ con-man like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama?  


  1. The collapse of coffee, maize, and other farming, due to free trade, has driven as many as 5 million small-scale farmers and farm workers from the rural areas. Many of these people have sold their land, and used the proceeds of this to travel to urban areas, export processing zones, or the US.  Millions of people have become unemployed.  All of this has seen poverty in Mexico grow by 80% since 1984 — the result being that 75% of people now live in abject poverty.

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