How To Start A Movement In 3 Minutes And Be The Next Messiah

Tormented by corruption? Feeling Overwhelmed? Depressed? Frustrated? Fed up to f’ing here with the state of the world?  Bedeviled with angst?

Have a great idea? The best idea ever hatched in a human mind in all of recorded history? You’ve been to the mountaintop and he spoke to you and only you, man?

Are you the one the world has been waiting for all these millenia?

Are you Morpheus, man? Have you got THE ANSWER? The WAY?

The ONE TRUE PATH to world peace and justice for all but you’ve also had it up to f’ing here with all the morans in the world who are simply far too thick and obtuse to know what’s good for them and to comprehend your unique brand of genius and won’t get off their fat lazy asses and follow you?

Do you have a movement you’d like to start that you know in your heart will sweep the world like a planet scouring tsunami brushing all in it’s path aside if only you could find your first follower?

Here’s your one chance for a free lesson in becoming the next messiah. Grab this incredible opportunity while it’s hot. It may never present itself to you again.

Derek Sivers is that appears only once in aeons guru who knows how to lessen the burdens of creative people, and through this time limited one time only FREE special offer he’s about to give you all the secrets of achieving greatness and becoming that godlike leader of men and women you’ve always known deep in your soul that you’ve always been destined to become.

This your time to shine with almost no work at all. Just 3 minutes of inspiration that will have you orgasming in awe at finally having THE POWER you always suspected but never really KNEW you had inside you.

Wear protection. You’re about to flower like the big f’ing bang, man! Can you dig it, man? – Derek Sivers – How To Start A Movement


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    • Edger on April 18, 2010 at 01:54

    for all this and more it’s only going to cost you one pony!

    Don’t fcuk this up!

  1. By which to start what

    The Khmer Rouge,Nazi party, the Moonies

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