Hey, Let’s put Glenn Beck on the War Against the Debt Commission

Only a matter of time – Glenn Beck has offered his voice to the entitlement wars (no, not defense, SS and Medicare)

Have you ever wondered why we even have SS?  It’s not an American idea.  It’s from Germany in the 1800s.  Hmmm, let’s see who else was prominent at that time — Karl Marx, Frederich Nietsche….The progressive wave of European social insurance infected America and this is the result of it.  This is European thinking, not American.

Come on, those French monkeys must have taken the lead.


Socialism is the fanciful younger brother of the almost expired despotism whose heir it wants to be:  its endeavors are thus in the profoundest sense reactionary.  For it desires an abundance of  state power such as only despotism has ever had.

Glenn, want to edit your statement?

Here’s an interesting soundbite if we think about his audience:

When FDR signed that SS bill,  it wasn’t designed to subsidize a cushy retirement, so seniors could jet set all across the globe on vacations. [it] was meant as insurance.  In 1930 life expectancy was only 58  for men and 62 for women, the retirement age was 65!  You weren’t  even expected to get benefits.  Today life expectancy is 75  for men, 80 for women and too many people rely on SS funding their shuffleboard tournaments.

You should have saved.

FAIR says 72% of his audience is 54 or older (not counting younger than 18).  Just sayin.

Come on, President Obama – surely you can find a spot for him.  

Let’s put aside that he is enormously wealthy – No, I changed my mind.  Let’s not.

A short diary – but I want to begin my luxurious life quickly this am.  I’ll be back.  


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    • Xanthe on April 17, 2010 at 15:55

    I know I did – though I lost most of it in the recession but that’s my own fault because I should have kept the money under my tempurpedic.

  1. BS.  We should have a country that reveres and takes care of its elders and provides them with a decent, assured quality of life when they have finished their work.  Whether they saved or didn’t.  Come to think of it, we should be distributing the excessive, accumulated wealth of the super rich to everybody else to accomplish this.  The super rich wouldn’t even feel it, and the recipients would benefit immeasurable.

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