Gen. Petraeus Has Epiphany

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I can’t even make an introduction to this:

“One of our doctrines is: Live your values,” Petraeus says. “And there are two arguments for living your values. One is you have the moral obligation to do it. It is the right thing to do. If you don’t buy that, you have a practical reason to do it, because every time you violate it, you pay for it.” The damage done by Abu Ghraib, for instance, is permanent; he has called it a “nonbiodegradable” event. It undercuts the core objective, the trust and respect of the indigenous population. Petraeus says, “The human terrain is the decisive terrain.”

You think, General?  You think Iraqi’s seeing muslim men hooded, naked, being humiliated, tortured, while U.S. troops photographed it would all go away?

Better question, did you just NOW have this epiphany?

As I’ve stated numerous times, the Iraqi citizens knew about these abuses long before the pictures were leaked to the media.  And, we all know that those pictures were just the tip of the iceberg.  The rest of the article is just as sickening and reeks of a General trying to change the perception of his role in the abuse and torture.

Truly, I’m finding it hard to even rant on this.  It’s just the same old bullshit; General is in the thick of something, General gets caught and his reputation goes into the shithole, General writes years later how HE wasn’t the problem, and, how HE thinks it was just so horrible.  General Colin Powell ring a bell?

The “surge” worked.  Yes, it worked.  It put boots on the ground.  It put tens of thousands of Iraqi’s into prisons.  It killed tens of thousands more.  It went door-to-door killing, arresting, all to “pacify” the populace.

The train a NEW security force to protect our puppets?  That hasn’t gone so well.  In both Iraq AND Afghanistan it has been a failure.  You simply can’t get the thousands of people it takes to replace those we removed, ie, killed, when we overthrew two governments.

Did you REALLY think those pictures of abuse and torture wouldn’t be burned into every muslim man’s mind, General?

Did you REALLY think any of the citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan believed one word from Bush, that we don’t torture, or from Obama, that we don’t torture ANYMORE, after seeing those pictures, after their families disappeared into other U.S. runs prisons?

You knew those pictures destroyed any hope of winning “hearts and minds”, so, you simply sent in troops to imprison and kill.  THAT was the purpose of the “surge”.

Fuck him and all the piece of shits at the top.


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    • dkmich on April 2, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    is frustrating and anger causing every where one looks.  What pisses me off the most is Barack Obama.  Change my Aunt Fanny’s foot. The biggest change we need now is him gone.  

  1. …. so far he’s done a good job of it with the people who have their hands on the on/off money spigot.  

  2. is thinking about running for President.

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