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These types of announcements have been coming now on an almost regular basis and not only as to the States leaders but out of the Veterans Administration as to Stimulus money, some with added budget funds if there, being used to add VA Clinics, new VA Hospitals or upgrade those already in existence, State and Federal Veterans Cemeteries expansions and new ones.

$24.2 Million in Grants Approved for two State Veterans Homes

April 21, 2010 Gov. Bev Perdue today announced that U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) has approved $24.2 million in grants for new North Carolina State Veterans Homes in Kinston and Swannanoa, with funds coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

“These grants are vital to providing quality, long-term care services for our growing population of veterans, especially our older veterans,” Perdue said. “We are grateful to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki for recognizing this need and providing the funding necessary to build these two new State Veterans Homes.”  –>–>–>

It’s more then sad, but extremely good, that this is only happening because of the financial collapse and the need for the government to inject Billions in capital from our treasury into the economy to at least stabilize it and try and push it towards growth. At least the American Public is being Forced to Sacrifice for the Wars and Occupations of Choice they were not asked to do as they ‘Supported’ implementing the invasions and long running occupations, not only as to the present, with little questions as to cost monetarily and more important for those they sent and keep sending as well as the huge costs of the private contracting.

The wealthy, with their ever increasing compensation and perks, that were being given that continuous growth, and those supporting it, sold it as they in turn would put the capital back into the economy to keep it growing, one of the biggest arguments for the huge tax cuts they received, instead they hoard that wealth with little of that private capital coming back, and playing the street gamble is not causing real growth, and certainly extremely little in sacrifice for those that defend them!

I’ve been following the Veterans Administration, as many of us have, but especially since General Shinseki has come onboard and those he’s brought into his administration, one big reason has been the flurry of advancing announcements that stated hitting not only my in-box but reports from the media. I finally started another blog site in order to post at least some up as well as have a central location to go and quickly find reports that might be related to newer ones in the future. These below are just some of the most recent posts.

Two press releases hit and nearly the same time

VA Conducts Renewable Energy Studies

April 22, 2010 In support of ongoing renewable energy initiatives, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has conducted studies evaluating the potential use of renewable fuels in energy plants supplying 38 VA medical centers around the country.  

“We expect this to lead to exciting opportunities for VA to reduce its environmental footprint,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki said.  “These feasibility studies will help our efforts in VA’s transition to clean, renewable energy sources.”

The studies were completed in January 2010 for the 38 medical centers, located in 15 states and Puerto Rico.  VA selected these sites based on factors including availability of renewable fuels, energy plant characteristics and local utility rates.  

The findings will help VA determine the ideal locations for renewably fueled energy plants, while ensuring cost savings in the long run. –>–>–>

The above followed directly by this.

Shinseki Awards Solar Energy Projects

April 22, 2010 VA to Install Solar Panels at 18 Medical Centers

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded $20.2 million to install solar energy systems at 18 VA medical centers.

“Using renewable energy sources by installing solar panels at our Veterans’ medical centers is the future of our department,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki said. “These improvements will help transform VA and enhance our high quality of patient care.”

The solar projects are projected to be operational by September 2010 at 18 facilities in eight states and American Samoa.  The solar energy projects will increase use of renewable energy sources.  The solar cell installations will have a total capacity of 3,020 kilowatts.

VA is using crystalline silicon modules for its solar panels.  The feasibility studies determined that using crystalline silicon was the best option for all of the facilities.  These solar panels will be installed on roof tops, carports, or ground-mounted depending on the facility.

VA is conducting solar feasibility studies at 31 additional facilities using Recovery Act funding.

VA operates more than 1,400 sites of care.  More than 5.5 million people received care in VA health care facilities in 2008.          

VA Facilities Receiving Solar Panels List

And if you haven’t visit this site of Veterans making a case for and the actions needed and give your support:

VA Marks 85 Years of “Discovery, Innovation and Advancement”

April 22, 2010 Researchers Have Brought Hope to Generations

WASHINGTON – Eighty-five years of enriching the lives of Veterans and all Americans through top-notch medical research will be spotlighted April 26-30 when the Department of Veterans Affairs celebrates National VA Research Week.

On April 22, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs W. Scott Gould was joined by disability advocate Lee Woodruff and country music star – and Iraq and Afghanistan vet – Stephen Cochran at VA’s Central Office in Washington to kick off the official 85th birthday party for the Department’s research program.

“The rich history of accomplishment by VA researchers has improved Veterans’ lives and advanced the practice of medicine throughout the country,” said Gould. “The innovative VA researchers who turn so many hopes into realities are truly national treasures.” –>–>–>

Now, just think what could have been accomplished if the American People had properly funded the Agency with the same zeal that they cheer on sending the troops into Wars and Occupations of Choice, and the ever increasing Defense Department budgets with no questions especially costs of those occupations, instead of constantly doing so and playing catchup during and the long years after, which adds to the costs of proper care etc.!

Stephen Cochran, Iraq and Afghanistan vet “Hope”

There are a number of States that are either adding new ones or expanding those that are in their borders with the federal governments help or lead.

Minnesota looking to build 3 new vets cemeteries

Jerry Holt, Star Tribune The State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls attracts commerce as well as visitors.

Minnesota is looking to build up to three new veterans cemeteries to meet aging demographic.

After traveling the world during his 22-year U.S. Army career, Steve O’Connor knows where he wants to be laid to rest when the time comes — in a veterans cemetery as near as possible to his home in the rolling limestone nooks and crannies of southeastern Minnesota.

O’Connor, past state commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, was diagnosed several years ago as having lung cancer from Agent Orange. He was told that he had a 25 percent chance of surviving five years.

“When I think of all the soldiers who are buried on foreign shores, it seems only right that those of us who made it back can find a place where they want to be, near their homes and families,” O’Connor said. –>–>–>

VA Offers Lessons For Health IT Adoption

April 20, 2010 The private healthcare sector can benefit from the VA’s successful, decades-long use of health IT, says a senior Veterans Affairs official.

A recent study found that the Department of Veterans Affairs generated savings of about $3 billion over 10 years by using health IT systems such as electronic health records. However, the private healthcare sector can also achieve comparable quality of care improvements and cost benefits with health IT as long as adoption is mass, systems are utilized, and standards compliance is met, said a VA official.

Public health journal Health Affairs recently released findings of the VA study, conducted by the Center for Information Technology Leadership, a Charlestown, Mass. academic research organization that assesses the impact of health IT, that found that from 1997 to 2007 the agency spent $4 billion on health IT, but achieved savings of $7 billion.

The VA’s net savings of $3 billion was achieved in large part by a reduction of medical errors and elimination of redundant testing, but also through workflow improvements and lower operating expenses. –>–>–>

Study: Health IT Investments Could Produce $3.09 Billion Net Value for VA

As I said above, allot of the monies for these are coming because of the Federal Stimulus Money, not private capital most certainly and because the American Public wouldn’t properly fund the results of our Wars and Occupations mostly since the end of WWII. While rarely complaining, more often defending the ever increasing Defense Budgets, in a highly corrupt Defense Industry, being told they’re needed to defend them while instead we have rarely defended but invaded!


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    Put some honey with those bags, as you complain about your taxes, and support the wealthy tax cuts, and defend tax dodgers who turn to domestic criminal terrorist acts, especially killing us veterans who just happen to be in the buildings or their line of fire, into those cups, it’ll at least make some teas taste better and healthier!

    • jimstaro on April 24, 2010 at 16:35

    You can read some more of what the VA is doing in some recent Press Releases as to ‘Recovery Funds’: News Releases  (03/25/2010 – 04/24/2010)

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