Congrats to Nederland, Colorado: 1st town in US to legalize marijuana

On April 6, Nederland voters decided – by a vote of 259 to 218 – to legalize marijuana and paraphernalia completely for anyone over 21 years old. Good for them.

The mountain town’s residents went further than Breckenridge, which last year legalized possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, and by a vote of 259 to 218, removed all criminal penalties against buying, selling, possessing, consuming, growing and transporting marijuana for anyone age 21 or older.

H/T to Polizeros.

Apparently, this will have little legal implications for the community – “‘Marijuana enforcement for small quantities and personal use is not a priority for our department or for our community, but we’ll continue to investigate and enforce trafficking,'” he said – but what’s more important is the “symbolic” side of it. This is good news for those who enjoy growing their own marijuana, without the worry of being prosecuted. You can see more here for deals on seeds and a selection of the many discount codes available to you.

This is the first town in the entire United States to completely legalize marijuana, as Californians might do by ballot initiative this fall. When this does happen, it will be absolutely simple to pre order marijuana california, much to the joy of many Californians. This is what progress looks like. Many legal states and countries are now able to order their products online, with help from sites like that sell medicinal CBD products to legal states. This is a big step forward in terms of modernity as the debate of whether to legalize marijuana for personal use is ongoing and most likely will be for a long time to come. Despite this, progress is being made. The freedom for marijuana users is expanding and those who choose to use it can now have more freedom when looking for equipment to use, like Grasscity bubblers for sale as there is less restriction on paraphernalia.

In the words of Polizero’s Bob Morris:

In addition to being an intelligent move on many levels, not the least of which is crippling the drug cartels, this is also a direct challenge to the authority of the US government which insists on the idiotic laws against marijuana, probably because so many dirty banks, hedge funds, and politicians benefit from it.

Oh gosh, did I imply our system is corrupt and awash in drug money? Silly me. What I meant to say was Wall Street with the connivance of D.C. launders enormous amounts of dirty money. Oops, I did it again, implying our government is corrupt. I guess I’m just hopeless.

Considering that we now have the obscenity of Obama ordering the assassination of a US citizen, I’d say, the more direct challenges we have to the authority of the US government, the better.

And just wait until November, when Californians legalize marijuana. Because they will.


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  1. I just think it’s very very sad that people think that marijuana is a more important issue to fight over than gay rights.

    But a little weed has been sort of a non-issue in Denver for a while now.  I personally don’t care for its effects.  But whatever floats one’s boat, as they say.

  2. Home of the Frozen Dead Guy. Good for them.

  3. hope it spreads…….

    want a victory garden of my own…..

    • dkmich on April 8, 2010 at 21:19

    How silly the pot laws are.  The mountain folks in Denver are a unique bunch.  We spent time in Evergreen and loved it.  

  4. …. Libertarian on the issue, McClintock, supposedly for the legalization of pot according to his pre election platform,  has all his county Republican underlings voting against the county having any medical marijuana dispensaries!

    Yes, my dipshit Placer County CA, home of the Lew Uhler’s  National Tax Limitation Committee and a board member of Move America Forward, the Russo Marsh Rogers swiftboating Teaparty PR Firm offshoot, Uhler who’s son is the corrupt county supervisor, Mark Uhler, is trying to get rid of all of them, even tho medical marijuana is legal in this state.

    McClintock wouldn’t be here without the Russo Marsh/MAF/TeaPee crew holding his hand the whole way.

    I don’t use the stuff, but this is so stupid.  Meanwhile they have 4 million dollars to spend on a surveillance helicopter while doing budget cuts, layoffs, and wage cuts and the local Repubs are gleefully cutting school funding.  

  5. From the drug war, it would help discredit the drug war.

    I like that.  ‘ere!

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