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On the census, this is another of great wonder as to the mentality and intelligence of the opposer’s to. Not only especially their reps who should know better, hey they work in congress or in the capital, but to their ‘tea party baggers’, if you fill out and send it costs Us the taxpayers only the postage, the rest of the costs are already known and budgeted from that point. But if you refuse to fill it out and mail it it averages to a $60 cost for each house that needs to be visited, some numerous times!!! Oh and as to illegals, those who do give information aren’t known as so they add to the count that helps the communities!!

Census: If you aren’t counted, you don’t count

April 1: Mother Jones magazine’s David Corn discusses how people will benefit from returning their Census forms.

The other day, on the PBS News Hour they had a discussion about the census and it’s meaning etc..

AIR DATE: March 31, 2010

Census Pushes Americans’ Participation as Deadline Looms


As the deadline for the 2010 census nears, Jim Lehrer talks to U.S. Census director Robert Groves about the challenges of counting the U.S. population and the trends the new data might show.


ROBERT GROVES: As of just a few minutes ago, we ended our meeting, and we’re at 52 percent of the occupied households, our estimate, having turned them in. About 62 million households have returned their forms. It’s great.

JIM LEHRER: So, over two — with two weeks still to go, that’s when you’re going to — you’re going to — you’re going to count anything that happens in the next two weeks as having met the deadline.


JIM LEHRER: And they literally knock on people’s doors, right?

ROBERT GROVES: That’s right. They have a list of all the houses, the addresses that didn’t mail back the form, and they will knock on those doors. They won’t be knocking on the doors of the folks who turned it back in.

There’s a money story to be told connected to this thing. At an individual level, if you choose to fill out your form and mail it back, that costs us taxpayers about 42 cents. If not, since by law, we have to count everyone, we will send someone out. That costs about $60 per household.

JIM LEHRER: For somebody to go to the door and do that?

ROBERT GROVES: Absolutely. We have to train them. They have to travel out. They have to repeatedly call. So, there’s a great incentive for all of us to — to fill it out and mail it back. Rest of Transcript

Now, as we all know, this isn’t the only issue many take in opposing but also rail against the taxes they pay for that which they use daily or is there for them if needed, By not filling out and being counted it also cuts the return back to your state the federal funds raised by those taxes for not only your own needs but those of your communities and state, and if done efficiently saves money thus the chances to lower those contributions, taxes, we all pay!


  1. The first thing I thought of when the voices were being raised Against filling out a simple form, with only a tiny fraction of information of what the business community and others already have about everyone, was the extra cost would be to each and everyone.

    Especially when those voices originated in the Congress of this government, those we hire to represent and expect they at least know some of the functions of their jobs, and the longer there the better understanding, if they don’t they should be fired!

    I work construction, but you can take any business, and if something doesn’t get done or is done wrong and time and personal are needed to do or fix it costs much more then what should have been done originally, trust me it does, much more!!

  2. First one came about 3 weeks ago and the second one yesterday. I feel so special.

    Both have different tracking #.

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