America’s Elite Are Immoral

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Yes it is true.

America’s Financial Elite are immoral and avaricious. Willing to kill people rather than pay for them to be healed, willing to throw people out of their homes as they bet against, and thus effect, the economy that puts the food on our tables for our children to eat.

America’s military elite are immoral. Willing to cover up massacres and atrocities, pushing for ever more, endless war to ‘keep them in business.’ Willing to engage in torture. Engaging in a deeply corrupt contracting and appropriations process that soaks the life out of our economy, corrupts the halls of power, and makes war necessary in order to justify America spending more money on the business of killing people than nearly all of the rest of the world put together. This huge section of our corrupt economy, at the end of the day has only one purpose: Killing people.

America’s Intelligence elite are immoral and always have been. From overthrowing governments to torture and assassination.

America’s Industrial elite are immoral. Willing to send the vital jobs that support our economy and our families overseas to make a few more pennies. Willing to knowingly hire undocumented workers for the same reason. And that reason is not the excuse they use of the ‘survival’ of their industries, but for higher profits for themselves. Just as is the all too prevalent practice of using complicated tax accounting to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Just as is the practice of firing older workers and hiring part time help to avoid paying benefits. And perhaps most harmful of all, busting the unions that made sure that workers shared in the profits of industry.

America’s political elite are immoral. From selling their votes to the financial elite to literally looking the other way (Look Forward)after America has tortured and waged an immoral war that killed up to a million innocent people. From rigging elections outright to gerrymandering districts to keep themselves in power. From placing political considerations above doing the right thing….to just outright doing things that are wrong, like keeping equal rights from one segment of America’s population.

There is undoubtedly a clear and deeply immoral component of our political elite: The Republican Party. They blatantly serve and are owned by the segment of the population, the 1%, that drive the rampant immorality. Their unified vote yesterday to allow the immorality of Wall St. to proceed unchecked is bald faced proof of that. But corruption unopposed, spreads. Compromising with immorality is immoral. Not calling out and calling out criminality is criminal. And once compromised with, once excused, once allowed, corruption is insidious. Compromising with corruption corrupts the compromisers. By definition.

America’s media elite are immoral and dishonest. Willing to give us the news that sells rather than the news that portrays the world as it is. Rather than give us the information on just how immoral the rest of our nation’s elite really is, thus allowing us to actually DO something with the information. The information that they don’t give us.

And the elite all excuse each others immorality. Excuse it, gloss over it, ignore it and pretend that what they are doing is not immoral. Because doing anything else, such as confronting each others immorality and greed would mean facing their own.

And it is all very “pragmatic.”

“Pragmatic” has become a word that’s currently translates into ‘accepting corruption.” Accepting greed. Accepting immorality.

As ‘pragmatism’ has become a revered word and moral stance, somehow purity has simultaneously become a reviled word and moral stance.

Greed is immoral. Greed pursued to the point of killing innocents, whether through war or cancellation of insurance policies or providing unsafe workplaces like coal mines is deeply immoral. As is taking away people’s jobs or turning them out of their homes purely for profit.

When a societies elite become corrupt and immoral, the society itself becomes corrupt and immoral. When the most powerful society on the planet becomes corrupt and immoral, that corruption and immorality spreads to other societies who are in competition with that society.

The People of America are a moral people and they are now, as it can no longer be denied or excused just how immoral and corrupt the elite have become starting to call them to account.

There is however a very real problem. The corruption of the elite has become so pervasive and accepted….that there is no longer any standard of morality. No valid moral code, ethic or standard to hold them to.

And in perhaps the most immoral act of all, this greed, corruption, and immorality are now imminently threatening the health and safety of the planet itself. And thus ALL of humanity.


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    And taking ET home.



  3. The hardest thing in the world is to develop feeling once you’ve lost it.

    It’s hard to pretend to care.

  4. The wealthiest .1% are ruining the planet for the other 99.99% of it’s inhabitants.

    I laugh when I hear Corporatists decry entitlement, for who is more entitled then the wealthiest among us?

    A pony for my friends here at DD, who I sorely missed

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  5. You been keepin’ notes? 🙂

    “. . . . . pragmatic men of power have had no time or inclination to deal with . . . social morality — K. B. Clark”*

    GREED has no conscience,thus, GREED has no self-limits or boundaries.  Greed, once unleashed cannot be trusted to be self-governing. REASON NUMBER ONE FOR REGULATIONS!  

    *[I believe this is the K. B. Clark


  6. they have the consent of the people. I was warned today for uprating someone who said what Budhy is saying that elites including Obama are immoral and do not deserve respect just because they are/were the winners between the immoral and the more obvious immoral.. What have we won? If it has no basis in morality or common good or even simple decency, why support or empower it? Morality is not just a meme (God how I hate that word) it is universal tenets that humans over the eons have figured out and really always know as they are wired in our DNA. We cannot just say we are governed by immoral elites as we consent to their immorality and call it better then or politics or reality. Sure the outcome of withdrawing consent is scary but it is inescapable one way or another morality/reality will assert it’s necessity as it truly is by-partisan and cares little about lame excuses political or even societal.          

    • rossl on April 27, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    It’s not just the Republicans, budhy!

    • Edger on April 28, 2010 at 1:14 am

    A renewable resource, right?

    After all, all they ever do is smell, consume and complain, but they love easy credit, and the best thing about them is that the keep on making even more peasants, which gives them them a purpose in life, right?

    Those mountains of bodies for the elites to climb over on their way to the top of the heap have to come from somewhere, right?

    Is there a problem? Free enterprise is it’s own morality, no?

  7. ….the images of whole familiies blown to shreds by Predator drones he ordered into action, causing him to toss and turn, to pace the halls of the WhiteHouse at 3 am?. I don’t think he does.

    These elites, such as Obama, have a self-reinforcing reality that excludes feelings of shame, of accountability and the vision and awareness to say, “we don’t have a clue, we are lost”.

  8. They’ve perverted the concept of pragmatism.

    Real pragmatism, the practice and philosophy that gives pragmatism a worthy and respected aura, is this:  “to be flexible in the means of achieving desirable ends.”  But they’ve twisted that all around into being “changing ones goals and purposes to suit the most convenient means, whether that convenience of means is simply laziness or personal enrichment and career advantage.”

     Pragmatism in the true sense requires no less effort than unadulterated idealism, perhaps even more effort, because the point of the flexibility of means was to make the desired ends more attainable.  Therefore it carries the responsibility to ensure those ends are in fact achieved.  Instead this phony pragmatism is an excuse to do nothing but feather their own beds.

    • Eddie C on April 28, 2010 at 5:50 am

    The only group there that are paid not to be immoral is America’s political elite and they are the only ones that are in a position to set standards of morality.

    I don’t expect anything but self will run riot from bankers, industrialist or warmongers. They only answer to shareholders. It turns out that I was really being naive expecting that the people who are paid by taxpayers would do anything to control their fellow elitist.    

    So basically the corruption of the elite is caused by the elected official and when they are getting on their high horse with Goldman Sachs I’m screaming at the real culprits “How much did they pay you to pass Gramm-Leach-Bliley?” and “Who legalized these gambling talking points of yours.”

    To tell the truth I like the bankers better. At least they are doing their jobs.  

    • banger on April 28, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    What do we mean by morality? We haven’t really thought about that here. What is the basis of moral action. Is morality governed by Natural Law, for example as many conservative moralists claim. Is it utilitarian? You see where I’m going. There has to be a basis for morality and I’m afraid that in our culture there is no rational basis for morality or at least a confused and non-tenable basis for morality.

    I have my own view of morality and that is that whatever expands consciousness and awareness is moral. I have to define these terms and I will but not in this post.

    By any standard that I can think of the American people, as a whole, are deeply immoral. I claim, as I often to here, that our leadership honestly reflects the values of the American people. The Wall Street greed is the greed and fear I see on people’s faces every day. Of course that’s not all there is to people–but when push comes to shove most people will sell their mothers down the road, so to speak, for an opportunity to indulge their favorite fantasy which often involves money. I think this is more the case these days than when I was growing up.

    I don’t believe the people at Goldman or Congress or in the oligarchy are worse people than the average person. More ruthless and gutsy and smart maybe–but not worse. The sewer that is the collective American mind can be found on cable TV and in movies where force, violence, macho, as well as using sexual allure to get what you want are all praised and deemed to be virtues that the young ought to emulate. That’s what I see as being the dominant trend. Oh yeah, and a reall big dose of hypocrisy thrown in.

    Let’s stop blaming the oligarchs and admit that they reflect the values of the culture as a whole.

  9. things we ought to be bringing to the public, and so rarely do.

    I see the response on DK has been cough, and change the subject.

    Let’s be plain: the military, and military leadership is fucking immoral. All the guys making money from killing, from the owners of General Dynmaics to lowly god damned grunt are immoral.

    Obama, and the Democrats are fucking immoral too.



    • jamess on April 29, 2010 at 3:54 am

    intense line of reasoning, buhdy.

    And very insightful too,

    (assuming “morality” is an ideal, society can agree on,

    to some “pragmatic” degree, lol.)


    As always, I do not uprate comments here in case others be the target of hit lists and retaliation-  they’ll have to create other excuses.

    I do believe in a greater consciousness and a shared vision of equality and justice.  

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