Absolutely FASCINATING – Anti-Corporate, true history of the ORIGINAL Tea Party

Do yourself a favor and watch this. Thom Hartmann got a copy of the only first hand account of the Tea Party, written by a participant. My whole life, I’ve always wondered what the big deal was about paying a tax for some stupid tea. Now, I know!



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    • dkmich on April 15, 2010 at 11:48

    I thought he had a moustache.  I don’t have time to watch now, but I will later.  Thom always has interesting things to contribute.  

  1. In the event that you aren’t familiar with his work, he has written many very excellent, well-researched books, including his 2004 book describing the history of corporate personhood, entitled, Unequal Protection.  This book is more frightening than anything I’ve read by Poe or King, particularly since it is real, not fiction.

    I’ve listened to his radio program for years, have read almost all of his books, and have attended several of his public events, having had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. One cannot listen to his program for any period of time without learning much about where we’ve been and how we reached the point where corporatism have, in many respects, replaced our democratic republic.  

    His programming can be found on the internet and/or satellite radio, his program is carried live on radio stations in more than thirty states.  His Friday morning programs typically open with an hour-long segment, called “Brunch with Bernie”, featuring special guest, Bernie Sanders, the distinguished senator from Vermont.

    For a list of stations that carry his programming, you can find it here.

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