The Simple Arithmetic of Obama’s Idiotic “Stimulus”

Unemployment in Detroit approaches 50%

Although 83% of Democrats (meaning “TV-intoxicated monkeys”) still approve of Obama’s “job performance,” which isn’t much different from approving of the “job performance” of a hockey puck that Republicans have been slapping around for 13 months…

Although millions of TV-intoxicated monkeys still approve of Obama’s “performance” as President, which isn’t much different from approving of Donald Duck’s “performance” as King Lear…

While the economy continues to shed jobs, the war in Afghanistan gets bigger, Obama’s generals talk about “delaying” withdrawal from Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of workers give up even looking for work every month…

Democratic monkey-economists are constantly paraded around the networks to explain how Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” succeeded, because without Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” everything would be even worse…

And the Democratic monkey-economists know that everything would be even worse without Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” because none of them can predict or explain fuck-all, and the economic melt-down hit us like a run-away bus without so much as one millisecond of warning from Democratic monkey-economists or the Democratic monkey-politicians who rolled and rolled and rolled over for Bush for eight long years.

But instead of believing all those ridiculous monkeys and their catastrophically discredited theories, maybe we should ask ourselves how many jobs the same amount of money as Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” could have created if Obama had simply hired workers for public works.

If we spread out the “stimulus” of $780 billion over five years, and hired workers at $30,000 per annum, which would give a working mom and dad, for example, a respectable middle-class income of $60,000, then 1,000,000 jobs cost $30 billion per year, and $150 billion over five years, so…

The same amount of money as Obama’s idiotic “stimulus” could have created and maintained more than 5,000,000 jobs for five years.

5,000,000 jobs for five years!

But instead the monkey-Democrats and President “Hockey-Puck” Obama…

Instead the monkey-Democrats and President “Donald Duck” Obama gave us…

An idiotic “stimulus” stuffed with tax cuts, and 4,000,000 jobs disappeared since January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States.


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  1. of the Enchanted Realm: Bankers first.  The End.

  2. Even increasing total compensation to $40,000, to account for typical 33% non-wage compensation, the same $780 billion creates and maintains 4,000,000 jobs for almost four years (47 months), about twice as long as the current “stimulus,” and still covers all the 4,000,000 people who have lost their jobs while Obama dithered.

    • Xanthe on March 4, 2010 at 10:47 am

    David Cote is Chairman of Honeywell.  

    Honeywell received $19 billion in TARP funds for American jobs. As night follows day, Cote recently closed its Evansville, Indiana plant – that’s l,l00 Indiana jobs.  Cote is a master outsourcer apparently – according to Public Citizen.

    Have I mentioned David Cote was named to the Debt Commission?  

    • banger on March 4, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    They believe this crap. I know people are suffering and anxious about the future. But anyone that supports the current leaders has little of my sympathy. Anyone who believes the fantasy-land of the MSM has very little of my sympathy as well. As a country we have willingly and enthusiastically embraced the programmed fantasies we’ve been handed. In return, we handed our minds and (worse) our souls to the bosses who have, I assure you, the utmost contempt for all of us.

    The worst of the lot: “liberals” and “progressives” who live in a fantasy that we still live in a republic and we can petition our “representatives”. Bullshit. It’s over folks — there is no republic so let’s get over that. There is only the application of raw power. There is no economic system; there is no “free” market (there can never be a free market anyway) — everything is controlled and engineered even what we think (as long as we watch the MSM).

    Awakening, even for those of us who have some understanding of the truth will take some time.

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