The Dangerous Minds and Frankly Looniness of Hawks

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In that parallel world from the reality around them and elsewhere, you’ll get some as you go down but the kicker is the last report.

This type of thought process by the hawkish must end, unless the rest of the world communities want perpetual war and criminal terrorism as we’ve experienced over the last decades and now the chances of even more have been greatly enhanced with the death and destruction wrought by the so called mighty who followed same thought process into the creation of greater hatreds and enemies!

Miliband: UK Must Be An International Player

March 08, 2010 Foreign Secretary David Miliband has warned Britain must not learn the “wrong lessons” from the war in Iraq and shy away from international engagement.

He is the last senior figure to give evidence at an official inquiry into the invasion before the General Election.

The UK is a “remarkable country” and must not leave difficult or complicated challenges abroad to other countries, Mr Miliband warned.

“We can’t be a country which turns its back on the world,” he added.

He told the inquiry that while Government cannot claim to have ridden Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, the challenge of lifting people from tyranny is “still in play”.

“There is death and destruction but there is also freedom,” he told Sir John Chilcot’s panel. >>>>>

Sorry there Miliband and co-horts but one doesn’t just blow off what one wrought on others, they won’t! The U.S. especially but also all that join them, the UK seems always there, must Stop searching for and installing those like the Saddam’s, known to be a brutal thug from a line of, done many times over and not for the people they rule over but for the selfish power and greed of those who install them, then supporting and praising them till their use is no longer needed or the people they rule over with that iron fist rise up against. International Engagement is not strength nor leadership in the World Community, it brings the blowback that has plagued the UK for decades. This past decade will follow with the blowback that will disrupt and destruct for the coming decades!

Is anyone listening to David Miliband?

03.08.2010 I’m not sure what the opposite of star quality is, but David Milband didn’t show much of it at the Iraq Inquiry today.

Sure, he had a few interesting, and even striking observations about Britain’s international standing after the war. (We get more respect because we’ve proved we’re willing to follow through on threats of action, apparently. Mr Miliband’s diplomacy seems oddly similar to the street-rep worldview of The Wire…) >>>>>

Miliband says UK must not retreat into its shell

Mar 8, 2010

Britain should remain a major player in international affairs despite likely political and budgetary constraints in coming years, Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Monday.

“We mustn’t be a country that turns our back on the world,” Miliband told a public inquiry into the Iraq War, saying that would be the wrong response to divisions over the U.S-led invasion of 2003.


Miliband was the last senior politician to appear before the inquiry before a general election due by June. >>>>>

Invasion and Occupation should be the Last Resort of the so called powerful, especially when built on numerous false intelligence and excuses for!

David Miliband says war has boosted Britain’s reputation in Arab world

Foreign Secretary David Miliband arrives at the Iraq Inquiry at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre  Photo: GETTY  

08 Mar 2010 Britain is more respected in the Arab world because of its role in the Iraq war, David Miliband has told the Iraq inquiry.

The Foreign Secretary told Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the war that Britain’s willingness to follow through on threats of military force had made some Arab governments more willing to “do business” with the UK.

Accepting that “a lot of people” strongly opposed the 2003, Mr Miliband said that Britain’s reputation had actually been strengthened in some parts of the Middle East.

“People in the region do respect those who are willing to see through what they say [they will do],” Mr Miliband said.

“Even people who disagreed with it say to me, ‘You’ve sent a message that when you say something, you mean it’.”  >>>>>


Strong Reputation?

That must be that fear we’re witness to across that whole region and elsewhere, they’re shacking in their ‘shoes’, as sectarian violence continues in Iraq, the British troops left but we Americans still have our soldiers there going into nine years. Or all that coozy warmth and respected fear of us powerful coming from Afghanistan, that those who “respect those who are willing to see through what they say they will do”, going into ten years and the british soldiers still there and dying {read link} along with tens on thousands of other NATO forces,  and Pakistan, the now third front and the bombings a direct result of the wests occupations in the region, Afghanistan stopped being about nine eleven and al Qaeda long ago. Or how about the rise of Iran that many, probably yourself Miliband, want to turn into another Iraq which frankly caused their rise in that region. Yep they’re Really shacking in their ‘shoes’ and showing that Respect you speak of. Or how about that ghost enemies al Qaeda, anybody can join and use name or anyone can use label to instill fear, same for ‘Terrorist’ unless lily white and christian and done in the U.S., and throw in the Taliban, disbanded from control in Afghanistan but not gone after, and the growth of both in many places like here or here or here or here and here, just a few of the many area’s spread to.

I somehow missed all those Flowers and Good Wishes coming out of that region, anybody else seen these shows of respect and enhanced reputation towards the west!

Your thought process, reminds one of the many movies, really hasn’t worked so well for the Brits over these many centuries and now the upstart offshoot us in America seem to feel we can do it better, looks like we have accomplished one thing, perpetual criminal terror that takes lives anywhere, as we have also seemingly enhanced the thoughts in some of becoming the in the borders of our countries the domestic criminal terrorist seeking to kill as many as possible as they take their own sorry ass lives!

The British Iraq War Inquiry has ended it’s public hearings and testimony till after the British Elections. Here’s hoping the Brits don’t let anyone with the thought process like this Miliband anywhere near the seats of Government and the countries decision making, especially as to foreign policy!!


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  1. Iraqi, analyst comment on election in Iraq

    Iraqis went to the polls on Sunday in a parliamentary election that Sunni Islamist insurgents tried to derail with attacks that killed at least 38 people.

    Here are some comments on the election by Iraqi politicians, voters and independent analysts: >>>>>

    As Iraq hopefully rises from the ashes inflicted we better hope those that lost everything, especially the children that grew up these last years, don’t seek retaliation and the blowback that is criminal terrorism against others knowing no borders. There is still great hardship as well as millions of refugee’s and will be for the foreseeable future of many years as the deaths, torture, atrocities and huge devastation won’t quickly be forgotten. They won’t forget, the Region won’t forget nor will the World Communities!!

  2. British forces accused of torture and murder as inquiry opens

    07 March 2010

    The long-awaited public inquiry into the alleged torture and murder of up to 20 Iraqis by British troops in Iraq gets under way on Tuesday.

    In May 2004 following a fire-fight known as the battle of Danny Boy in Maysan province, south-east Iraq, it is alleged that up to 20 prisoners, including the named claimant Hamid al-Sweady, were tortured and murdered at the British base Camp Abu Naji.

    The Ministry of Defence denies the allegations, made by the family of Mr Sweady and nine other men who claim they were tortured at the base, insisting the 20 men were killed on the battlefield.

    But lawyers for the claimants argue that post mortem examinations of the bodies showed signs of mutilation and point-blank executions.


    A public inquiry into the 2003 death in British custody of hotel worker Baha Mousa in Basra is currently in progress. >>>>>

  3. Of the ‘domestic criminal terror’ attack.

    Crash victim’s church joins benefit for Stack family

    Benefit for widow of Vernon Hunter also being planned.

    The choirs of two Austin churches that each lost a member in last month’s plane crash stood together Sunday night to perform “Amazing Grace.” Members of Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church, which Vernon Hunter attended regularly, joined members of Berkeley United Methodist Church, attended by Andrew Joseph Stack III, the disgruntled taxpayer who flew his single-engine plane into a building housing Internal Revenue Service offices, killing Hunter, an IRS employee, and himself.

    About a dozen music groups performed at a benefit, held at the Bachus Conservatory in North Austin, for widow Sheryl Stack and her daughter, Margaux, whose home was destroyed by arson before the crash. >>>>>

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