The ‘al Qaeda’ Among Us

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What’s al Qaeda? It’s a ghost enemy, and has only grown, that has been elevated to some sort of major world force over the past decade {bin Laden and friends are in constant smile in their caves and thanking those who elevated them, every day, giving him everything he wanted}. Anyone who espouses to criminal terrorism of others and wants the stature that name now brings to other like minded individuals or groups take the label readily. Those that commit violent criminal terrorist acts are readily labeled as members of or offshoot groups on the fringes of. Except of course here in the United States, do domestic criminal terror, or planning same, you’re not only Not Labeled As Such some actually Embrace What You’ve Done or are Planning and that you have every right to terrorize your communities or country! Recent acts have proven that out, i.e. Austin Texas, Killings in Churches, Militia Raids, and we can go back for only a few of the many, Oklahoma City Bombing, Eric Rudolf, Branch Dividians in Waco, many many examples, not only in recent history but our entire history as a Nation.

The ‘rambo’s’ who wallow in their Fear so they attempt to show manhood anyway they can, usually with weapons and as immature as adults they are they seek out the most firepower they can purchase legally or illegally, bringing mature gun owners and adults, always conscious of what these guns can do and may be a part of groups of others like them, down to their level of extremism and fanaticism, by simple association and the silence from the real adults, the fear the fanatics and extremist wallow in!

Militias more connected than they claim

March 30: The common wisdom congealing around the Hutaree story is that the militia members are part of some off-shoot, unique, religious cult that has nothing to do with anything else. Rachel Maddow scratches …–>–>–>

If interested, David Neiwert’s Books: The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right

In Gods Country the Patriot Movement

In the video above the clips embedded in the report, of one of the members, seem to match extremely close of those who have stamped themselves as ‘al Qaeda’ don’t they. You can find many more almost exactly like on the video sites and blogs etc. all over the web, especially on these militant fringe groups, American al Qaeda, sites.

Within a very short time on Sunday morning as the news of the Government raids on a militant militia group was hitting the news, the raids had started on Saturday night, the screen grab below was caught quite by accident in a search for more information then what the two local short reports had started posting.

There were replies, as you see the start of, under this, only one person seemed to take offense with tagging these raids and the reports of them being carried out against a militant militia group with the so called Tea Party, the referance wasn’t only in the subject title but in many of the replies with links to the breaking reports as well as a few video’s. Was there a tie in by many in this tea party and Militia’s, have some of these militia’s become a force within, or are other so called tea party members forming offshoot armed militia’s and known to be in that area so it was quickly assumed they were the ones being raided by the instantly, since the election, big bad government that these people found nothing wrong with during the previous decade and loudly supported that.

Who knows, but a couple of days later FOX news interviewed a once family member and this information came out:

Arrested Michigan Militia Leader Was A Ron Paul Fanatic

Fox News recently interviewed the ex-wife of Hutaree Militia leader, David Brian Stone, who was recently arrested for plotting against police men in Michigan. When asked what set Stone off, his ex wife said it was the election of Barack Obama and the fact that Stone was a Ron Paul fanatic who thought the government would try and take away his guns.

Several other people who have engaged in anti-government violence have also been big supporters of Ron Paul, including Holocaust Museum shooter, James Von Brunn, Pittsburgh cop killer, Richard Paplowski and Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell. –>–>–>

What has Ron Paul and his followers to do with all this, they were the actual grassroots movement that started the tea party and at that time didn’t look to be an overly or close extremist loose organization but a growth of the political campaign untill the whole thing was taken over and given voice to by media personalities, far right think tanks and lobbying groups and gathering more from similar far right individuals and groups.

Ron Paul Helped Inspire the Tea Party Movement, and Now It Could Take Him Down

Facing three GOP opponents affiliated with the Tea Party movement in the primaries, Paul is concerned that building anti-Washington sentiment could take him out as well. –>–>–>

And last year a report came out and directly after it was highly shot down by the far right across the whole scoop of information outlets we have today:

Conservatives criticized DHS report that foresaw Hutaree

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report pointing to the rise of rightwing extremists who might be plotting violent acts. Conservatives threw a fit, claiming that the report was an attack on all conservatives and that it portrayed anyone who criticized Obama as an extremist.

Michelle Malkin declared:

   In Obama land, there are no coincidences. It is no coincidence that this report echoes Tea Party-bashing left-wing blogs (check this one out comparing the Tea Party movement to the Weather Underground!) and demonizes the very Americans who will be protesting in the thousands on Wednesday for the nationwide Tax Day Tea Party. –>–>–>

This report came out of the Homeland Security Agency created by the previous administration after 9/11, reports aren’t made overnight, they take long study before coming to conclusions made public. This study had already started in the waining days of the previous administration, not as a result of the election of now President Obama, and those doing the study were still around completely it and not some new hires of the new administration.

Lets see what just one overseas media outlet says as the world watches what is happening within our country:

Republicans allow things to get ugly, dangerous and frightening

The Irish Times – Saturday, March 27, 2010

IN AMERICAN slang, a “wingnut” is a mentally deranged person, someone who advocates extreme measures. “Lunatic fringe” is a simile, as in the title of John Avlon’s book, Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.


Mike Vanderboegh, an Alabama militia member, took credit for a wave of broken windows at Democratic Party offices across the country. In an interview with Fox News, Vanderboegh said, “I am telling you, we are motivated to break windows. We feel a deadly threat from the federal government”.

Vanderboegh is scheduled to speak at a “Show Your Guns” rally in Virginia, the closest place to Washington where the gun enthusiasts could legally display their weapons. They chose April 19th because it was the first day of the American Revolution, the anniversary of the FBI’s 1993 siege of Waco Texas (86 killed), and the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of a Federal building in Oklahoma City two years later (168 killed). Vanderboegh threatened “a thousand little Wacos”.

Perhaps the most frightening things about the vandalism and intimidation is the way it is tolerated, if not openly condoned, by Republican leaders. On, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is shown against a background of flames. It’s a fundraising site for the Republican National Committee.

Or take Sarah Palin’s response to the healthcare Bill, on Twitter: “Commonsense Conservatives lovers of America: Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD! Pls see my Facebook page.” Palin continued the hunting metaphor, posting a map with crosshairs over 20 districts held by Democratic Congressmen.

Conservatism in America now runs in a continuous line from Mike Vanderboegh to Sarah Palin to Republican leaders like John Boehner. All use the words “socialist” and “European” as epithets. The polarisation is accentuated because conservatives rely on Fox News and right-wing blogs for information, while liberals watch MSNBC and read the Washington Post and New York Times. There is no common ground. –>–>–>

And back here:

Far right’s actions becoming more absurd

Our country’s eccentric religious fervor keeps getting more ludicrous daily. Whenever one thinks that conservative religious silliness has reached its apex, something more inane comes along.


There seems to be no end to truly weird ideas, mostly fanned by postings on the Internet, some calling for an armed revolution. A Second Amendment march in Washington, is planned for April 19, the date when the first shots were fired at Lexington in the Revolutionary War. It is also the anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. –>–>–>

In both of these reports as well as the organizing going on now, and has been, mention a gathering of gun owners, with their weapons, holding a rally as close as they can get to the Washington DC area as to the laws of carrying weapons, loaded weapons. Ask any, it’s all over online, about this taking place as to the anniversary of the Worse Domestic Terrorist Attack by Americans on their fellow Country-persons, Oklahoma City Bombing, and they’ll all denie that was even thought of. They’ll reach into the bag of history and pull out numerous events on or around that date that it is supposed to represent. But don’t be fooled, Timothy McVeigh is a Hero among many who will be attending this rally, like others before him and since they’ve embraced.

There will be some attending who are somewhat responsible gun owners, I say somewhat because there not only will be a large gathering of others with loaded guns around them but many children will also be brought along, they won’t care. There definitely will be extremist among the crowd, that’s a gimme, but more important there will be many who have only become gun owners in the recent past year or just a little over, these are still not only inexperienced gun owners, they haven’t a real clue as to what those weapons will and do do, especially to others, nor I’m sure are they safety minded, the gun just makes them feel more powerful!

How do I come to those last conclusions, Very Easy. Back when I was in the military, Navy but all shore duty, the last three years I worked in and then ran armories as a Gunners Mate then Gunners Mate 3rd class, last year In-Country Vietnam. Before Vietnam I worked and ran an armory in Panama where I had a firing range on the base, purpose was varied but one of the main ones was qualifying others as to small arms and for their records and ribbons, on base, those coming in, and ships docking on a regular basis at the three docks we had, did same in Vietnam as to our base security etc. and more. There were many incidents, especially in Panama, where those qualifying, especially the big bad tough sailors who bragged about their gun use in civilian life, showed the total lack of understanding of small arms and some where they almost killed their fellow soldiers, one reason we Gunnies, those with me from the ships, had to not only know what was going on but the possibilities of what might be when others have weapon in hand, especially semi or full automatic weapons!

Where was all this so called media pushing rage during the previous decade, why now, many already know and many others are starting to realize. It has nothing to do with any Government Policies, no matter what the talking heads and these oh so frightened civilian members of this society say!

If everyone gathering together stays silent about the extremism around them, in many forms, then everyone gets labeled with that extremism, Everyone, you can run and hide in trying to excuse or reach for reasons to justify, you are no different!

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    • jimstaro on March 31, 2010 at 18:37

    The two now long running occupations of others have nothing to do with any Religious Ideology neither does what’s been going on have anything to do with Political Ideologies even though it’s not only being embraced by a once political party, in name only now and has been for quite some time, it’s about other deeper hostilities in many and as it rises it threatens our whole society now and what this Country was once thought of, the World Watches and Worries!!

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