Stateless Multi-National Corporations Bankrupt The Nation, Then Privatize Everything!

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The Sting, The Heist, and The New Push To Rob Us All.

The Sting

The owners of this country have played a parlor trick on the world using physicists’ algorithms that justified the worth of their worthless assets that the financial industry in this country had.  All of this was made on the backs of the homeless with sub-prime loans and a lending institution’s promise of shelter, these industries then bundled those loans quickly, sold them as triple A rated commodities, and counted their money knowing they have “us” as an insurance payout if the deal goes sour.

And what a payout it was!

Their high frequency trading software was used to bring down competitors on Wall St. after the middle and lower class could give them no more.  Then when their shennanigans are found out, they called on the government they bought with campaign contributions (which is the “lifeblood” of our representatives these days) to stuff their pockets just in case they can’t get a handle on the situation and when everything turned out fine, bonuses for everyone!

And now on to this week…

The Beginning of Privatizing Everything

Ever since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the GOP’s top budget guy, unveiled a proposal to slash and privatize entitlements in order to reduce long-term deficits, the media–and even some Democratic politicians–have praised the plan as a serious way to save money. The plan may be conservative, they say, but at least it takes a serious, honest stab at averting fiscal catastrophe. Ryan even had the Congressional Budget Office score the package, and they found that, by mid-century, it would eliminate federal deficits.

But it turns out that’s not even close to true.


Really?!  Noooo!  Get out!

As we reported a month ago, the CBO’s analysis of the Ryan plan was drawn up based upon revenue projections Ryan himself provided. The CBO doesn’t analyze the impact of tax policy on revenue, so they were unable to estimate how Ryan’s policy prescriptions would actually impact revenues–and just took Ryan’s numbers at face value. Turns out, those numbers were pure fantasy.

The Tax Policy Center–a non-partisan think tank–did a thorough analysis on the impact of the tax changes Ryan proposes–a massive tax cut for the wealthy, paired with substantial tax increases on 90 percent of the country–and found that the so-called “Roadmap” would actually leave the federal government desperately starved for funds.


Yeah, that’s the point.  

Bankrupt the government, watch them not be able to act because they have to play the balancing game of corporate campaign funder pleasing and winning over the people, and then swoop in saying “private industry knows best!” in order to profit more.

But the Corporations got the green light to “win over the people” via the media outlets at their disposalthat they can flood with cash to run smear campaigns against corporate “unfriendly” candidates.

Or, as in the case of Barack Obama, run ads for a candidate that states he is “for the people” but assures the plutocracy that he intends only to make it look like he’s doing things for the people without disturbing the steady flow of cash to the top.

I’ve stopped watching T.V. News stations a looooong time ago and only keep up with the comedy-type news shows to laugh/cry at the state of affairs.

However, there are idiots still watching the spoon-fed news stations rather than getting the news on-demand via the internet, thinking about the source they’re getting it from, and even then not trusting the facts to only further search for empirical evidence of what an article is saying about the state of affairs.

To those of us who know the sad state of affairs, those who investigate the events being reported on and those that aren’t that we find out by intellectual curiosity, we see this happening and are frustrated in trying to get it through to others.

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