Setback in America’s War With Terror

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLess than two weeks after the well-publicized capture by Pakistani security forces of the Taliban’s 2nd in command, Pakistan scored an even bigger coup by assisting in the capture of the leader and founder of the notorious terrorist group Jundallah, Abdolmalek Rigi.

Unlike the capture of the Taliban leader, Rigi’s capture has received very little press attention in America. There is an obvious reason for it.

Moslehi said Rigi had been in a US military base 24 hours before his arrest and was carrying an Afghan passport supplied by the US.

Since then Rigi has confessed to one of the most open secrets in southern Asia.

In the tape, Mr Rigi alleged that the US had promised to provide his group with military equipment and a base in Afghanistan, near the Iranian border.

He says he was on his way to a meeting with a “high-ranking person” at the Manas US military base in Kyrgyzstan when he was captured.

  The Jundallah isn’t just your standard, every day terrorist group. These guys are ruthless and fanatical.

 In 2007, Dan Rather went to southern Pakistan for a first-ever interview with Abdolmalek Rigi. During the episode, a video of Rigi personally cutting off the head of a prisoner was shown. The same year they proudly claimed to have bombed a girl’s school.

  The terrorist group is most known for the 2009 suicide bombings of the Zahedan Mosque that killed 20 civilians and the Pishin bombing that killed another 43 people.

 Rigi and many of his followers in the Jundallah grew up in the same madrasahs that the Taliban went to. Iran has accused them of using the opium trade to fund their weapons purchases.

 But what proof is there that America was helping to fund these terrorists? A former CIA operative has recently said that the Jundallah approached the CIA but was rebuffed.

 U.S. officials flatly rejected any relationship with the group, said the former official. But the official did say that the door was left slightly ajar in case Jundullah really did capture important Al Qaeda operatives. That never happened.

 It sounds believable, so why should we doubt the official story here? Because of the overwhelming reports saying otherwise.

  All the way back in 2007
ABC was reporting that America was supporting this terrorist group.

 U.S. officials say the U.S. relationship with Jundullah is arranged so that the U.S. provides no funding to the group, which would require an official presidential order or “finding” as well as congressional oversight…

  The leader, Regi, claims to have personally executed some of the Iranians.

“He used to fight with the Taliban. He’s part drug smuggler, part Taliban, part Sunni activist,” said Alexis Debat, a senior fellow on counterterrorism at the Nixon Center and an ABC News consultant who recently met with Pakistani officials and tribal members.

 As if to make the American support of Jundallah even more obvious, on April 2, 2007, Rigi was interviewed on the Persian service of Voice of America radio, and was introduced as “Doctor”.

  The following year investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported that the U.S. Congress had approved $400 million for covert operations inside Iran. One of the beneficiaries of that money was the Jundallah.

 If you think the charge that we are supporting a former Taliban, drug smuggling terrorist is bad enough, hold on, it gets worse. In 2008, a former Pakistani Army Chief, retired General Mirza Aslam Baig, not only reaffirmed that the Americans were supporting the Jundallah, but that the Jundallah was linked to al-Qaeda. This charge is nothing new. Tariq Jamil, chief of the Karachi police, said the exact same thing back in 2004 when the Jundallah was planting bombs in Pakistan and trying to kill Americans.

  Put another way, the U.S. is using al-Qaeda to attack Iran.

Another “Good” terrorist arrested

  Less than two weeks after Rigi’s arrest, a leader of the terrorist organization Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) was arrested in Germany.

  The PJAK is a Kurdish separatist group operating out of American-occupied Iraq against Iran. It is an off-shoot of the PKK, a larger Kurdish separatist organization that has been fighting a multi-decade war against the Turkey government, and that has ties to al-Qaeda.

 American support for the PJAK under the Bush Administration was even more blatant and open than its support for the Jundallah. However, under the Obama Administration the relationship with the PJAK has gotten chilly.

 As for Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi, the PJAK leader that was arrested, he was released without charges by the German authorities shortly afterward. Germany had turned down extradition to Iran.


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    • gjohnsit on March 10, 2010 at 21:43
  1. Yes this is what happens when you exploit people for oil and pipelines.  I  tire of hearing about the kill or capture of the same number two or three Al-cia-duh patsies for the fifth or sixth time and that does not include tapes from the ghost of Bin Laden himself.

    • TMC on March 10, 2010 at 22:45

    that the CIA and US government still denies having funded OBL despite the evidence to the contrary, I heartily LMAO.

  2. Saddam Hussein, OBL, Mahmoud Abbas, etc, etc, etc. … oh fer petesakes.  

  3. I’m sure Obama is consulting with him right now. Obama’s

    11th dimensional chess and Chalibi’s quadruple agent status should clear things up fast. I’m sure McCrystal Meth himself is working things out with the Gates Keeper and Hellary Clinton. It’s like the Marx Bros. meet the Three Stooges in “Anything Goes”, brought to you by Standard Oil and Halliburton Productions in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug administration.

  4. are getting so fed up with US spooks and mercs running around Pakistan with impunity that they decided to embarrass the Americans with this arrest.

    This not so subtle reassertion of Pakistan’s national sovereignty is a nice little reminder to the Imperial strategists in DC of the vulnerabilities of running a dirty war in someone else’s back yard.

  5. At least half of these people should be behind bars, the phony GWOT is mostly their creation.

    • Edger on March 11, 2010 at 18:09

    to justify wars of aggression, without doing everything they can do to create as many terrorists as they can?

    • Edger on March 11, 2010 at 19:07

    and crosspost this to Antemedius?

    • banger on March 12, 2010 at 00:51

    I didn’t know about it. This is, of course, typical of what actually goes on in the region not just Afghanistan. The U.S. and other powers, including various organized crime groups have been at the center of this so-called “terrorism” idea for at least a century. The wonderful thing about America is that no one wants to know anything about it particularly the so-called left. If  you were, for example, to mention this on DailyKos you would set off cries of conspiracy theory. I’m more interested in why that is not so much the ordinary business as usual reports like this one.

    Without knowing the particulars it’s always been obvious to me because I read history.

  6. took a while to go thru the links

    United States “advises” Jundallah, which is getting money from Gulf states thru European contacts, to go on terrorist raids into Iran from Pakistan, kidnap Iranians, and drag them back to Pakistan before killing them.

    Abdolmalek Rigi guy, the young and presumably charismatic leader, is a bada$$ who likes to chop off body parts on video.

    Now the United States claims that Pakistan is making forays back into Afghanistan to raid and kill Americans, and serving as a “Taliban” hideout, so we have to do a surge in Afghanistan and meanwhile we are sending drones and “advisors” into Pakistan so the current regime can direct us which “terrorists” to kill with missiles.

    This, of course, is going to aggravate the Pakistani and Afghan families of civilians collateral damage which are dying in greater numbers than the militants. Not to mention the Iranians.

    link fr your link

    Bush sanctions ‘black ops’ against Iran 27 May 2007 Telegragh UK

    However, the CIA is giving arms-length support, supplying money and weapons, to an Iranian militant group, Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Iran from bases in Pakistan.

    Iranian officials say they captured 10 members of Jundullah last weekend, carrying $500,000 in cash along with “maps of sensitive areas” and “modern spy equipment”.

    Great way to keep one’s self employed by the government perpetually. On all sides, until you get caught…..

    Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) hired the Republican PR Firm Russo Marsh & Rogers/Move America Forward to do their PR work for them, and they also are behind the swiftboating of many Democratic candidates and they are also a big driver (literally, they do the cross country bus tours) of the Tea Party movement. They also did PR work for the Pentagon doing Iraq Support the Troops tours with Melanie Morgan the ex San Francisco radio right wing fruitcake.  Besides working for the elections of John Doolittle and Tom McClintock, unofficially, of course. They now set up McClintock’s whackier Tea Party antics.  They were also involved in trying to discredit Michael Moore’s movies, and I’m convinced they shunted Cindy Sheehan over to some people who ended up backstabbing her to wreck her reputation as an anti war activist (very long story….)

    Read here

    Note the part about Chalabi getting all this CIA money from this public relations firm “Rendon Group” during the first Bush’s first Gulf War, at the bottom of that. And here we are today, years later, and Chalabi, as I wrote about yesterday, is still screwing with the Iraqi elections.  Small world !

    Anyway, Russo Marsh Rogers was touring this Kurdistani woman official around named Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman. She is the “chairman” of this Kurdistan Development Corporation which uses our very own Sacramento Republican company of Russo Marsh & Rogers TeaParty Swiftboating to Order.  Bayan, born in Baghdad,  used to be a British Journalist.  Remember the name, it’s going to come up again.

    Why am I talking about this ?  Well, the Tea Party movement is all about Oil money.  And Russo Marsh Rogers is planning on removing the current Democratic Speaker from the Senate, because they organize all sorts of nasty Tea Party activities against him, and do lots of negative advertising, one is planned soon in Searchlight, Nevada.  Which means he has to have some liberal tendencies, because they don’t do this to moderates.  This is why even if Reid is old and goofy, he has to, somewhere, have some redeeming qualities if these government funded  *****wads are after him.  

    Here is a link off of the link of the Russo Marsh Rogers Kurdistan site   http://www.kurdistaninvestment…   One of the UAE ministers has a second wife who is Jordanian royalty.  The PM of Kurdistan, Salih, just visited the UAE and started soliciting all the other Arab countries in the area to start investing in them as a “gateway” to the rest of Iraq-  it would probably look awkward if they were also just as well known for sending terrorist teams into other mid eastern neighbor countries to blow up mosques.

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