Secretly Reaping the Spoils {Blood Wealth} of War!

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Payback started early in this war, actually like others it started right after the invasion and then the ‘winning of hearts and minds’ as the billions flowed in and much were lost, just plain lost! They should make a movie or tv show about that, call it ‘lost’, make more sense then the one they got now.

Blair’s secret oil links to Mideast revealed

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has been paid to advise a South Korean oil company and the Kuwaiti Government.

A watchdog in Britain has revealed that former UK Premier Tony Blair has secretly received cash from a South Korean energy company and from Kuwaiti royals.

The Advisory Committee on Business Appointments says Tony Blair has been receiving cash from the Kuwaiti government and the South Korean UI Energy Corporation which has oil interests in the US and Iraq.

The Advisory Committee had allowed Blair to keep details of both deals from the public for 20 months, since June 2008, as the former prime minister claimed the deals were commercially sensitive.

Blair has reportedly made some 20 million pounds since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 and approximately 1 million pounds sterling from the deal with the Kuwaiti government. –>–>–>

He looks like a very happy camper in that pic, and with arms out for more. Thoughts of the soldiers he commanded long gone as he’s not the leader no more, blood washed from his hands, not from his soul! Though the soulless really don’t care as long as they reap here on earth!

Tony Blair’s secret lucrative advisory job with Iraq oil firm

Tony Blair landed a lucrative advisory job in a secret deal with an oil firm operating in Iraq.

The former Prime Minister took the contract with UI Energy two years ago – just 14 months after leaving No10.

But Whitehall’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments let Mr Blair keep it secret because of “market sensitivities”.

The exact deal is unknown but South Korea-based UI Energy is one of the biggest investors in Iraq’s oil-rich Kurdistan. –>–>–>

But not according to the BBC

Blair was ‘cleared to take oil job’

Tony Blair was cleared by a vetting panel before carrying out work for an oil giant and did not keep it secret, the former PM’s office has said.

It emerged this week that Mr Blair had been paid for advising the UI Energy Corporation, a South Korean oil firm with interests in Iraq and the US.

The details were released by a panel which vets jobs taken by ministers.

Lib Dem frontbencher Norman Baker called for a probe to be launched into Mr Blair’s business interests. –>–>–>

Or at least that’s what the blairs inner circle told them, he was secretly vetted, OK!

Wonder what sweetheart deals, under the table with the no-bid contractors and the merc army, are still going on for the many connected on this side of the pond?

Meanwhile we get a lesson in sales language.

How to Sell a War: In choosing its battle names, the military must know its target audience

In the hypercharged rush of combat, the adrenaline flows and the rhetoric soars. After the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, many of the names the military gave early battles were pugnacious: Operation Scorpion Sting, Operation Iron Hammer, Operation Ivy Serpent.

But as the military changed tactics, trying to win over the local population with on-the-ground diplomacy, some nicknames started to soften. Hence Operation Glad Tidings of Benevolence and Operation Together Forward.

Names are important, especially in war. Like a good advertising jingle, war names must be catchy and concise. But above all else, they have to sell — all sorts of things, to all sorts of people: inspiration to the troops, righteousness to Americans at home, partnership to allied countries, peace and promise to non-combatant civilians. –>–>–>



    Mr Blair – who has made at least $33 million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 – also went to great efforts to keep hidden a $1.6 million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq’s neighbour Kuwait.

    payback time.

    • TMC on March 21, 2010 at 00:31

    I would really love to see him in the docket at the Hague.

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