Screw respecting these CLOWNS! Talk to them like they’re frigging 4 yrs old

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George W. Bush

Tax Cuts for the rich


Invading Iraq

“They will welcome us as liberators”

“The oil will pay for the war”


Mission Accomplished

Torture isn’t a war crime cause my lawyer says so

Hurricane Katrina

“The fundamentals of the economy are strong”

Sarah Fucking Palin

Katie Couric –  But are you ready to become the leader of the free world?

Sarah Palin – Totally. I will totally lead the world. Any world. I will lead Mars or whatever too if those guys need a world president. Or just a Mars president. I took on the ole’ boys club in Alaska and I can take it on in Mars.

Katie Couric –  But I’m not asking about being president of Mars.

Sarah Palin – But I am answering about being president of Mars because a president person needs to be prepared for anything. I like to reform.

    Conservatives don’t deserve respect. They deserve shame and to be loudly and openly mocked in public.

   More ranting below the fold

     Republicans ideas all SUCK for everyone who isn’t a millionaire or a Corporate person/entity. These idiots are always wrong, and until they grab a mop and STFU, I encourage every one to openly disrespect them.

Death panels

“That sounds like socialism to me”


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    Fluoridated water is a commie plot to control you by stealing your purity of essence!

    Screw respecting these idiots. We should laugh in their faces. All the time. We should mock this incarnation of the Republican party, the Conservative movement and all of their tea party astroturfed spinoffs. They are flat out clowns and we should talk down to them as if they were four years old.

Drill, baby, drill

Climate change/pollution is not real

Neither is evolution

“Deficits don’t matter”

Deregulating works, just look at Wall St

Trickle down works, just ask your butler

“After taxes, a million dollars isn’t really that much”

    The “Big Tent” of Conservative ideological orthodoxy includes the John Birch Society, torturers, The Oath Keepers, birthers, racists, the ignorant and the paid shills of Corporate America, and they are always, always wrong.

     They are total clowns. They deserve NOTHING except mocking and public shaming.

     Your average Republican is a misinformed, low information voter who has been lied to so many times they can not tell up from down depending on the day. The idiots who sleepwalked through the “lost decade” of Bush years are masters of doublethink. Facts don’t mean shit to these people, neither does reality. Frankly, I am tired of explaining myself to the crack pots and conspiracy theorists who dominate the Republican party along with the paid corporate shills who finance them and benefit the most from corporate Conservative rule. It is pointless. I would have better luck arguing with the dining room table, so instead, I am going to talk to hardcore conservatives like they are four years old.

Wingnut 4 yr old:      I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

Me:      First STFU and clean up your room. Go grab a mop.

Wingnut 4 yr old:     It’s not FAIR Barry won! I want to be President too!

Me:      No. Barry won, so Barry is in charge.

Wingnut 4 yr old:     I’ll hold my breath AND all of Barry’s appointments! And I’ll filibuster and block unemployment payments and kick and scream!

Me:      Quit being a crybaby!

Wingnut 4 yr old:      I want tax cuts for the rich AND a balanced budget

Me:       You can’t have both, and you just had tax cuts

Wingnut 4 yr old:     Do it! Or I’ll hold my breath AND all of Barry’s appointments! And I’ll filibuster and block unemployment payments and kick and scream!

Me:      I don’t care. Get your MOP and CLEAN YOUR ROOM.

Wingnut 4 yr old:     I don’t wanna go to my room! I am scared of the socialism, nazi’s, fascist, Kenyans, commies, death panels and terrorists up there!

Me:     Don’t be such a chickenshit.

Wingnut 4 yr old:     NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANNA! I WANT MY TAX CUTS! I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!! And I’ll hold my breath AND all of Barry’s appointments! And I’ll filibuster and block unemployment payments and kick and scream! And if not you are a Nazi, socialist, Kenyan . . . .

(Door slams in Wingnut 4 yr old’s face)

    Screw trying to reason with ignorance. It is a waste of time. These idiots are the 22% of Americans who thought Bush did a heckuvajob on 1/20/09. They will never get it. They suck at logic and reality, and everything they touch turns to EPIC FAIL.

    I’m done with it, and I hope you are too. Conservatives deserve to sit at the kiddie table from now on, or at least until one of them starts acting like an adult. Until then they are all children and should be treated as such.

    Respect just lends legitimacy to these clowns, legitimacy they do not deserve. Until conservatives come back to planet reality they should be laughed at, mocked and shamed. Yes, Conservatives, we’re sorry you’re stupid, but you’re not allowed to hold back the rest of the class anymore. Besides, you are making us look bad in front of the other countries.

  Enough bullshit from these crackpot conservatives. Either grab a mop or you can STFU and sit in the corner.

Katie Couric – And finally, where will you and John McCain take this country?

Sarah Palin – We are going to take it somewhere really nice. A nice place where all American taxpayer people will totally be like ‘hey, hello, this is really nice.'” And then we’ll take it from that really nice place and over to a nicer place, a super duper nice one. More super duper nice than my cousin Marge even.  And the American taxpayer people will be like ‘hey, this is a super duper nice place. More than Marge even.'” Reform.

Katie Couric – Thank you, Governor.

    I can’t wait to start my new job tomorrow.


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    I can’t wait to start kicking Corporatist ass for a living

    • TMC on March 2, 2010 at 04:09

    Congrats on the job.

    Meanwhile, you have Obama praising holding teachers accountable but not war criminals, signing the extension of the most egregious provisions of the Patriot Act under cover of the weekend while he continues to pander to Republican obstructionists by allowing Rahm Emanuel to negotiate the terms of closing Guantanamo and military tribunals with Lindsay Graham.

    This is beneath contempt

  2. Just, ya know, sayin’ 😉

  3. Obama’s foreign policy is the GOP foreign policy.

    It is Bush’s 3rd-term.

    He rehired Bush’s very own War Secretary (in defiance of his own Election mandate) to just continue the failed and bankrupt shellgame of perpetual and endless Wars and Foreign-Occupations/Detentions/etc.

    He explicitly barred and banned all of the Medical-For-All groups from having any participation or representation whatsoever in shaping any of the proposals for Health Care Reform. None were represented even in his so-called HCR “summit”.

    He browbeat the Congress into denying and dropping even the simple reimportation of cheaper Generic drugs, after meeting privately with Big Pharma (which McCain correctly pointed out at the “summit”).  He also has made it a crime for a citizen to refuse to be raped by the Health Insurance Monopolies, and wants to fine the victims of this corrupt system. Obama only “wants to hear your ideas” if it comes from the lips of Big Insurance/Big Pharma.

    All of Obama’s ideas are just to shift the subject away from real reforms (and exclude them from discussion), in favor of pure gimmicks (“cash for klunkers”, spending freezes that excludes the trillions wasted overseas, Health Care bills predetermined by BigPharma-deals, Insurance Monopoly deals, Insurance subsidies, Bank bailouts, etc.)

    There is little point in focusing anger at the minority party here (even though they suck), when it is the majority party that is condeming us to endless War, foreign occupations, government secrecy, the ratification of torture and War Crimes as sanctioned, “legal” behavior (never subject to prosecution), phony reform efforts, bailouts to all the Cooperations and the criminal Banks, secret detentions, Patriot Act renewals, etc.

    As long as Obama remains in power, there will never be any serious hope of ever:

    • Ending the Foreign Occupations, the Drone bombings, the Military Bases, the mass killing of civilians, and ending the Trillions of dollars wasted overseas, that is bankrupting our Country.
    • Ending the NAFTA, GATT, WTO job/manufacturing relocation bills.
    • Supporting meaningful legislative steps towards Single-Payer and real Health reforms (expanding Medicare, public option, allowing reimportation of cheaper generic drugs)
    • Reversing the deficit creating Bush-era trickle-down Tax code.
    • Auditing the Federal Reserve, constraining their powers, and bringing back glass-stegall and FDR-era banking reforms.
    • Election auditing and transparency (putting ES&S out of business).
    • Campaign finance reform.
    • Unnecessary warmongering against Iran, Yemen, and Venezuela (via Columbia)
    • Having government accountability and transparency
    • Repudiating Torture, War crimes, and human rights abuses by our Military and CIA.

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