Sarkozy Didn’t Read the Bill

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Pardon. M. le Président, avez-vous lu la législation ?

At Columbia University yesterday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy both chastised and praised the US for the passage of the Health Insurance Bill:

“Welcome to the club of states who don’t turn their back on the sick and the poor,” said Sarkozy. He also added: “When we look at the American debate on reforming health care, it’s difficult to believe. The very fact that there should have been such a violent debate simply on the fact that the poorest of Americans should not be left out in the streets without a cent to look after them … is something astonishing to us.”


“If you come to France and something happens to you, you won’t be asked for your credit card before you’re rushed to the hospital.”

M. Sarkozy hasn’t read the bill, obviously.


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    • TMC on March 30, 2010 at 4:10 pm
  1. his wife sure is hawt.


    Im not sure how much longer I can even pay attention anymore…. its all so absurd.

  2. It’s fun though to watch Sarkozy reel like a slug in salt from his and his party’s recent obliteration at the polls.

    Wingerism may have been nipped in the bud in France.

  3. I went to wikipedia, and various other places- the information is bad / incomplete–doesn’t even mention that for your money on the exchanges, all you’re getting is 60% coverage.

    Doesn’t break down who remains uncovered (other than illegal immigrants) , doesn’t break down which demographic pays the mandated penalty,  but still doesn’t get any coverage all.  Doesn’t mention that Puerto Rico is uncovered (do they have to pay though ?? Can people just move there?? )    

    Basically, there’s a huge jump in cost from those that qualify for medicare (which only gets you very, very sub standard care in America, BTW) to those that are forced to buy coverage through the employer, or on the exchanges, or can’t do any of that so are forced to pay a fine.

    There’s a lot of things I still don’t understand, this thing is crazy complex, and there’s a ton of bad info out there.

  4. Jeepers.  Here we are on a leftist (liberal?) blog, we are aren’t we?, and folks don’t understand, or pretend not to understand the president of FRANCE?  Goodness gracious.

  5. Anyone else notice that after Sarkozy was elected and cozied up to W, we no longer heard about “freedom fries”? In fact, some of you may remember that one of the first widely circulated concepts on the MSM was to convince people in 2004 that John Kerry “looked French.”  

    Another very recent news story carries the headline, “Obama, Sarkozy Call For Sanctions Against Iran.”  You can see it here.  

    If Sarkozy ends up leaving office and not returning, maybe this will help Sarkozy get a job with the defense or the health scare industry in this country.

    I think his platform if he reruns for president in France should include a promise to deliver U. S. style healthcare to the French people.  As long as they don’t have ESS, Sequoia or Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold)or some other such company that has had to change its name counting their votes, he would be buried so deep in the electoral landslide that followed that his friends would have to dig for months to find him.

    And might Obama and Sarkozy be jockeying for positions with the Carlyle Group, since George H. W. Bush, and maybe a few others may be looking to slow down a little, and let some “younger blood” continue their dirty work?

    Regarding Sarkozy’s re-election prospects, my money is on the French people being much smarter than the average voter in the United States.

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