Rooney: Finding a Good Job

If you were glued to the reports on the Health Care debate and vote last night and didn’t switch over to 60min you might want to listen to Andy.

He hits a number of true buttons in this short take, especially as one looks at the job openings, most are for paper pushers, and not a whole hell of alot of those, not for those who actually do the work that keeps those pushing papers or working in their cubes on their computers!

21 March 2010 The fact is, even with the economy getting better, good jobs are still scarce of course. I suppose a lot of companies are doing whatever they do with fewer people now. That’s the American way, after all. What they make may not be any good but that doesn’t bother them. A lot of companies are more interested in money than in their product.

Would it be a waste of education for someone who graduates from Yale for example, to become a plumber, an electrician or a bricklayer? We need people who can actually do things. We have too many bosses and too few workers.

More college graduates ought to become plumbers or electricians, then, go home at night and read Shakespeare. –>–>–>

That ending sentence is so true. I’m in construction as a multiple tradesman, rare the last couple of decades as in building anything you have crews coming in doing just one portion followed by others doing another and none caring much about those coming in after you. Look at most bigger companies in the industry and their offices are top heavy with workers and titles for which most can’t figure out what they do or why are they needed, most middle to large companies don’t even have in house tradesmen they sub out everything to different trades, as we build that which is the contracts and brings in the money. Seeing the same in the job calls, rare are the ones for trades, we’re on our own in seeking work out, but filled with important sounding names and work in the offices we physically and mentally build. We do it, at least me, because of the satisfaction of a hard day of body and mind work and the pride when a job is done, even though we’re not the ones getting the recognition, then we come home and further our life’s education in a wide variety of ways,as well as some reading ‘Shakespeare’, and we even take further education courses seeking a degree or not.

Education is a lifelong process, and the best is not found sitting in a classroom or partying hardy at some well known education facility. Most seek out that which they want to know more about, even those with degree’s in other subjects, or are just curious. It isn’t only found in a classroom of so called higher education, that which has become a false ideology but profitable industry, unless a profession one seeks needs that real higher education for the knowledge to do the profession right.

Hard working tradespeople and the factory or commercial clerks etc. are not only learning daily on the job to help who they work for and also make their work easier and quicker, with quality, but seeking out the reading materials or hands on knowledge on that which helps improve minds and daily lives or knowledge of the world around them. They blend right in with the advancing technologies out of wanting to understand them as well as making their lives abit easier and even fun.

In a true capitalistic society everyone should benefit from the capital made and the knowledge in making it comes with the improvement of the worker, who take it on their own seeking not only respect for what they do and have improved on but the recognition that they help in growing the company and their communities.


  1. crawling into any septic tanks to clean out filth. He went to Colgate by the way.

     The reason people don’t want to do those jobs is ’cause they stink. Literally. And the idea of doing one job all day, then another at night is not a good one.   That’s why rich people will do anything to get their own kids into Yale (starting at age 1 now) — because they’ll get a good education (professors kill to work their, for sub-standard wages, too) , and have an easy life.  

    Being a plumber is not an easy life.

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