Psycho Talk! HCR = “That great war of yankee aggression”

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Paging Ed Shultz, psycho talk in the wingnut isle.

    Screw going to 11. The Conservative Freak Out continues to go to infinite and beyond.

    Witness Rep. Paul Broun as he flat out rewrites history in a disgusting attempt to compare Health Care Reform into something scary, such as that “Great war of Yankee aggression”. In the reality based world, we call that THE CIVIL WAR!

    Watch . . .

BROUN: If ObamaCare passes, that free insurance card that’s in people’s pockets is gonna be as worthless as a Confederate dollar after the War Between The States – the Great War of Yankee Aggression.

    So Ronald Reagan will replace that Yankee agressor President Grant on the $50 bill because Reagan’s accomplishments (cough – Jack Shit- cough) are greater than FREEING THE SLAVES?

    Holy revisionist history, batman! WTF?

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     Because everyone in the south knows that the civil war was really a tyrannical Government takeover of Confederate Secessionist free market slave selling freedom, just like the founding fathers wanted, and REPUBLICAN President Abraham Lincoln lead that heartless war of aggression (unlike the Iraq war that Bush launches ) against the peace loving freedom lovers in the American south circa 1860 who didn’t do nothing. They were just standing there, minding their own business, profiting off of human slavery like Free Market Jesus intended when those Yankee devils started the whole thing, and ObamaCare is JUST LIKE THAT!

    And Paul Broun has the video to prove it, just watch below!

    The hyperbole of a leaderless, idea starved party that represents only the rich and powerful can NOT win elections without lying, misleading and scaring the shit out of uninformed working saps like Joe The Plumber was supposed to be. This is why Republicans engage in fear mongering and false equivalency comparisons, because the facts are not on their side and never are. Thus, when confronted with Truth, wingnuts like Paul Broun and Glenn Beck have only one answer . . .  CALL PEOPLE NAMES!

    And if that fails and The Democratic President and his policies are STILL popular after you’ve called him a Socialist/Fascist/Kenyan/Nazi/Hitler who wants to send Sarah Palin’s poor baby to a death panel, you can always say that what he wants to do is EXACTLY like Pearl Harbor!

BECK: The second thing is to prepare yourself. This is a battle. Health care is a battle. It’s a battle – it’s not the war. It’s a battle. Believe me, if you are a group that has values and principles, and you are peaceful, your power is about to go through the roof, not through the floor. Because people are – this event is like Pearl Harbor. It will wake people up and they’ll go, “wait, wait, wait. What did they just do?”

     But I thought 9/11 was our Pearl Harbor? Does that mean ObamaCare = 9/11?

     You know what? I’m sorry I wrote that. I don’t want to give these loons any ideas.

     HA! I made myself laugh! Republicans, ideas, THAT’S A JOKE, SON!

     The party of NO! Hell, the GOP isn’t even the party of Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn! Compared to Republican leaders and ideas Foghorn Leghorn is REAL!

    But yeah, keep sticking to that HCR = Pearl Harbor and “That yankee war of agression”, meatheads. I bet it will play great with the non-white, non southern vote.

    Good luck with that.

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  1. 2+2 Does NOT equal 5, and HCR DOES NOT = anything other than HCR.

    But what do Republicans know? Jack shit!

    Progressives are from Planet Earth, Conservatives are from the planet of the LIZARD PEOPLE!

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  2. It’s something more like bait and switch.

    The promises Democrats have been making about the bill, and many apologists on Daily Kos, are flat out lies.

    For example, it’s not going to provide 30 million people heath care.  What this bill, coupled with the Obama Administration’s preternatural refusal to enforce laws when they have anything to do with the rich or powerful, will be to force 30 million people to pay extortion money to criminals.

    Whether they actually get health care of any kind as a return for paying extortion money to criminals is another question entirely.

    And, that’s just one thing.

  3. But the Democrats are engaged in hyperbole of their own.  The fact is that this bill forces people at the point of a government gun to pay money to CROOKS.  And whatever measures are in place to prevent the crookery are shot so full of holes as to be effectively meaningless.

    Pointing at Republicans to deflect the fact that this is a horrible horrible mistake, the way it sits, is probably good strategy, politically.  It buys time, and silences liberals.

    But when push comes to shove, when people finally realize they’re being forced to pay money to crooks, and when the insurance industry abusers aren’t forced to do anything meaningful to get people the health care they thought this bill addressed, it’s going to be bad for the Democrats.

    And then all the deflection in the world won’t make any difference.

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