Overnight Caption Contest (Dub il Feature)

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  1. We specifically requested cookies in the shape of giraffes.


    I hope this stuff is better than the rot gut we used to drink during the war.  Woo.  Talk about no-man’s land.

  2. #2  “hell yeah, that’s more like it!”

  3. 1) Good cookies…now all we need is Vodka to wash them down.

    2) Heh…heh…it’s good to be chief comrade!

    • TMC on March 15, 2010 at 02:38

    #2 Ahhh!

  4. “Note, comrades, our great production of crackers. . . . . but, I think we should first take a look our best imports to accompany the crackers.  I know you will be pleased!”  

  5. …Can’t you see?  This is potato chip saki!  One way or the other, we’ll show those Nippons what thin slice really is!  

  6. …. “that is why new industrial strength mouthwash is number one !”

  7. You distilled one whole bag of garbage to make one bottle?

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