This entire generation, whether in media or power, is hopeless. A write off. Gutless, stupid and liars. They all need to go. And forgive me, that includes most of the high ranked bloggers, many of whom I consider my friends. Instead of being people who challenged power, who had the moral and intellectual integrity to speak from a place of principle, they have become apologists for the worst sort of craven sell-outs imaginable, constantly decided that if some group wins it’s ok to hurt other groups, including by taking away their rights.

The blogosphere I grew up in, is dead. And the hope that the Democrats would be enough better than the Republicans to fix America, well, that too is dead.

That’ll leave a mark.

Update: Make that a Schwhack!  Schwhack!  Schwhack!

As the kvetching progressivisti came predictably into line, lending their unconvincingly grudging support to “health care reform,” a new . . . how would a progressive put it? . . . a new narrative coalesced, in which the current vast boondoggle is really no more than a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a symbolic first shovelful of earth at the groundbreaking. Oh, when pressed, they will defend its supposed real merits with their by-now selfsame platitudes: “30 million uninsured . . . pre-existing conditions . . . tra la la.” But within their own whisper galleries, they flop like fish who disbelieve the hook because they still taste the bait. There is no public plan, you fools, you morons. This is it!

I won’t spend a lot of time reiterating old arguments, but it does bear repeating that the US House of Representatives just based a bill universally mandating that individuals purchase a private commodity–a commodity, let’s be clear, that the same bill goes to great lengths to keep private. A so-called “public plan” is exactly the opposite of what this bill is, and the idea that public insurance will somehow flow naturally from its own nemesis is either crazy, a lie, or a crazy lie.

What a bludgeoning.  


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  1. it’s true.

    So true.

  2. is a very underrated blogger.

    • Edger on March 25, 2010 at 02:53

    I liked:

    I guess, by this logic, the Patriot Act was just a precursor to an expansion of civil liberties.

    Anon 12:19

  3. “being “complete asses” and “the brilliant allies of their gravediggers.””


    I don`t really care what anyone thinks of me.

    It`s none of my business.

    • Xanthe on March 25, 2010 at 14:33

    that we leave the country in an earlier post – he is smokin lately.  It is bad – particularly the hurrahs for the insurance bill –

    Starts and ends with Obama – no leadership except when he wanted this bill –

    People are tuning out – my friends  don’t want to talk about it – this is not good.

  4. “the more women in elected positions, the less corruption there is.

    Maybe we need to elect more women.”

    link, and her name and website


    Meh.  What is she doing, soliciting for Emily’s List?

    No, the more women in American politics, the more obvious it is that the only way they can get elected is by pandering to that same military industrial white conservative male power complex that the “internet feminists” love to hate on even as they pander themselves to it.  Wow, women are in higher numbers in the legal profession, so things must be getting better, right?  Just because a person has a law degree and a D after their names, doesn’t make you anything but smarter at how to commit political crimes.

    Look at what happened with the Senate version of the Health insurance bill.  Plantation Blanche Lincoln “there will be no Public Option” from Arkansas, also is against reconciliation for the House fixes.   Mary Oil Slick Landrieu, playing the same game.  Both female “DINOcrats.”    The Maine twin “reasonable” Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, courted all summer for votes, and by their courting for their craptastic ideas on continuing the privatization bullshit, delaying the bill coming out of Senate Finance Committee for months.

    Lynn Woolsey of the Dem Progressive Caucus.  at this point nobody believes a word that comes out of her mouth because she’s still pretending they are going to revisit this after she folded.

    The women who voted for the original Stupak amendment, at least one was a DINOcrat, Stahlkemper.   All the Republican women did, too, didn’t they?

    Sen. Debbie Stalbenow of Michigan, sent out nitely to the media to try to soft peddle this bill without a vote.

    Sen Kristen Gillenbrand is used to provide cover for Sen Schumer, as she proposes things that will never be done during this campaign cycle.

    All of them will probably be rewarded handsomely with lots of generic Democrat cash this fall for doing the wrong thing.

    It doesn’t take a lot of women to sell out, but they have been consistent.  And because women live longer and are more likely to be lower income in retirement, or are bearing extra costs and burdens of being female just because they can get pregnant,  and suffer higher rates of things like auto immune diseases, (huge pharma investment, drugs very expensive, which is why Big Pharma hates on Jane Hamsher and FDL so much ) they cost more overall to treat medically.  And look at what the one part of the bill the DINOcrats and Repukes went after-  the part that applies to women.

    And they folded.

  5. So if Ian’s right, maybe we should all fund the campaigns of those Republican AG’s who are suing to declare the hcr bill unconstitutional because it requires individuals to purchase a commodity (insurance)?  That’s their argument, particularly the Doofus from VA.  And that’s Ian’s argument too.

    I’m not convinced that’s where I want to be going.

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