Opinion Piece: Rahm and Obama

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This is pure political punditry, iow, I’m bullshitting.

But what a perfect topic to bullshit over.  Not a completely unrewarded activity.

We’re somehow supposed to figure out how the folks in the Executive Branch are getting along, how many people working in the Executive Branch  other than President Obama are acting in such a way, politically, that their action affects our lives insofar as the politics of legislation and governance.

Now if we had some transparency in government, I suppose we could just find that out and move on.

Alas, we don’t.

So we are reduced to speculating about our Executive Branch.

Are we witnessing a power struggle?

Probably every day, given the culture of D.C.

So in my opinion (as after all this is an opinion piece), until we have some real, honest transparency in our government, we as citizen bloggers will have to publicly bumble around until we get the answers ourselves.  And we will, oh we will.



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  1. lol

    • Edger on March 3, 2010 at 00:47

    They’re getting pretty transparent lately I thought, you know?

    So many cracks in the facade they look like they’re falling apart at the seams.

  2. Some stuff is so awful it’s easy to pass.  It’s the good stuff that gets jammed up.  Congress can pass lots of laws really quickly to erode civil liberties.  But to get people medical care, or to keep unemployment benefits, or create job?  Now that’s hard.

    I’m sure there’s a rational reason for this.  I just don’t know what it is.

    • TMC on March 3, 2010 at 02:12

    the renewal to placate Lindsey Graham to get Guantanamo closed. Just like the signs that they are reversing the decision to try detainees in civilian courts.

    The Latest Rahmlinology

    And of course Obama is going to “push back”. It was part of the deal to cover Obama.

    Lindsey Grahamanuel, The Military Commissions & The Beginnings Of Administration Pushback

    Building off Marcy’s post on  the Washington Post’s veneration of Rahm Emanuel, it now appears that Eric Holder had David Axelrod as an ally for what the Post  calls an argument “rooted in principle” for trying KSM in criminal court. Rahm Emanuel had… Lindsey Graham. Obama went with Holder, Axelrod and principle. For the moment.

    Recall: Graham is telling whatever reporter he can find that Emanuel understands that the price of closing Guantanamo Bay is his vote, and the price of his vote is to try KSM through a military commission and maybe the creation of a totally new national-security court. Well, almost any reporter: I’ve been trying to get Graham’s office to explain to me precisely why it’s unacceptable to try KSM in civilian court. Is he afraid KSM will walk? Civilian courts have successfully prosecuted 300-odd people in terrorism cases. Is he afraid classified evidence will be released? Judges have a lot of leeway to prevent that. Does he think KSM shouldn’t have a lawyer? He’d have one in a military commission. I don’t know the answer, because Graham’s office isn’t accepting my interview request, and he’s not explaining – just asserting that KSM can’t be tried in civilian court, because.

  3. why will replacing him with Axelrod or any other purely political schemer do any good. Obama unlike Bush doesn’t need a Rove to be his keeper right? Biden is not pulling his puppet strings, and Pouffle and Axelrod don’t seem to care at all about policy they just know how to sell and message, sincerely. They know what the public wants to hear and believe in. Nobody seems inclined to leave the campaign mode here, politics is what were getting not governance. Or are we?

    Seems to me it’s all style and procedure and that whoever is in charge never left. Once again we have a naked emperor and the only people who are willing to look are the half baked and the ‘far left’. Like the ‘rads’ Democrats I live around who are refusing to have anything to do with any of the bums as they are all corrupt. Kent Conrad tonight on the TV said that the reason nothing is getting done is the ‘extremists’ in both the party’s are stopping all good legislation. Seems pretty transparent to me, as it’s a lousy bamboozle at that. Any change of the Kings men will be as transparent as Rahm and as just as useless for anyone who actually wants a decent representational government or even a functioning two party system.            

  4. and thought it pertained.


    Dan Froomkin Rahm Emanuel: Obama’s Chief Of Sabotage

    ‘Emanuel’s greatest “victory” before this one, of course, was the one upon which he earned his reputation: Getting a bunch of conserva-Dems elected in purple states in 2006, winning the party control of the House while at the same time crippling its progressive agenda. This is what Emanuel is all about. For him, victory is everything — even if you have to give up your core values to win, and even if you could have won while sticking to them.

    The Rahm Emanuel that Obama hired is the poster child for the timid, pseudo-pragmatism that is inimical to the idealistic Obama agenda so many excited voters responded to last November. And it’s a pragmatism that is absolutely killing the Democratic Party in the long run, because American voters have an intrinsic distrust of politicians they see as tacking with the polls or shying away from a fight. This if nothing else is the lesson of two George W. Bush presidencies: American voters have a profoundly soft spot for people with clear, strongly-held principles, almost regardless of what those principles are.’

    • robodd on March 4, 2010 at 05:33

    Orahma.  Funny.  Just sayin’

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