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  1. Out of joint, out of balance, splintered, broken in a million pieces, shattered.

    I think I’ll go out and clean up my pond. It’s a royal mess!

    Rake the last of the dead leaves. That should fix me.

  2. This, from wikipedia, is quite interesting…

    “Ooh La La” is the title song to the album, a Faces song, written by Ronnie Lane and Ronnie Wood. It was Ronnie Wood, not Rod Stewart or Ronnie Lane, who sang the lead vocal for this song. Stewart did not think the song was up to his standards although both he and Lane recorded lead vocals for it. Their producer suggested Wood give it a try, and that’s the version that was used for the track which appeared on the record, which was the Faces last studio album. Lane left the group after Ooh La La was released and the Faces disbanded after their 1974 tour. Coincidentally, Stewart covered the song many years later on his 1998 solo album When We Were the New Boys.

    The Faces, formerly the Small Faces (before Rod Stewart joined the group), had two hits over the preceding years:  Itchycoo Park, which reached #16 in January, 1968 (as the Small Faces), and Stay With Me (as the Faces), which topped out at #17 in January, 1972.

    When this song was released in 1973, Rod Stewart already had a megahit under his belt, Maggie May , which remained at the #1 slot on the charts for five consecutive weeks in late 1971, and had three other Top 40 hits during the intervening time before “Ooh La La” was released in 1973.  

    If Stewart’s relative star power had been associated with this “Ooh La La” when it was released, might it have become much better known?  Although it is a great song, it doesn’t seem to have ever reached the Billboard Top 40.    

    And, if you’ve heard this before, here are some of the potential suspects, again courtesy of wikipedia…

    “Ooh La La” was featured in the 1998 Rushmore film soundtrack, and is played over the film’s final shot and closing credits. It is also played during the opening and closing scenes of the wilderness comedy, Without A Paddle, and heard in episode 4 of the hit BBC musical drama, Blackpool. It was also used as the theme song for the BBC sitcom Grass.

    The song was used in a 2005 Nike Golf commercial called “Kid Tiger” featuring a young Tiger Woods. [1]

    Indie rock band Silkworm covered the song for their 2000 LP Lifestyle.[2]

    The song is used in the HBO hit series Entourage in the fifth season episode ReDOMption.

    The song is used in the Showtime series Californication in the third season finale Mia Culpa.

    The song is used in Independence Blue Cross commercials.

    The song was covered by newgrass band Yonder Mountain String Band.

    The song is used in a 2009 advertising campaign by Irish mobile phone network Meteor advertisements.[3]

    The song is used by Major League Baseball during its 2009 World Series coverage

    The song is used in commercials for the TV show Men of a Certain Age.

    Here’s Rod Stewart, a few decades late to the party, finally performing this song with The Corrs, but as they say, “better late than never.”

  3. our cat, a neutered male we’ve had since kittenhood, 8 yrs old or so… got into it with a feral tom here… not once (first bill for that was $130, about a week ago) but twice now. Second encounter, the tom tore up the original puncture (that had almost healed)… so today vet had to stitch it up. gross.

    Gorgeous weather finally but now I have to keep the door closed to keep Pepper inside. 🙁 Time to repair the screen door screen.

  4. and it went pretty well. Perfect weather. Ran slow but that means lots of room for improvement.

    • Edger on March 27, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Houston Tracy was only a few days old when he ran into one of the most controversial elements of the US health care system: Being denied coverage for a “pre-existing condition.”

    The newborn from Crowley, Texas, near Fort Worth, was diagnosed with a condition known as d-transformation of the great arteries. The two major vessels that carry blood to and from Houston’s lungs are reversed. Oxygen-rich blood flows back to the lungs; oxygen-starved blood flows through his body instead, damaging his heart.

    Shortly after his March 15 birth, Houston’s parents, Doug and Kim Tracy, were notified by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas that their son doesn’t qualify for health insurance because of his “pre-existing condition.”

    “How can he have a pre-existing condition if the baby didn’t exist until now?” Doug Tracy asked the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


    In response to the concerns, the Obama administration is reportedly planning to issue “clarifying regulations” which will assert that children can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing coverage as of this year, AP reports.

    “To ensure that there is no ambiguity on this point, the Secretary of HHS is preparing to issue regulations next month making it clear that the term ‘pre-existing exclusion’ applies to both a child’s access to a plan and to his or her benefits once he or she is in the plan,” said Health and Human Services spokesman Nick Papas.


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