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  1. … the Orange, they’re having a field day with Obamacrats dissing the supposed left (not much of that at the Orange any more) and fight back diaries from the supposed left and then of course the obligatory “can’t we all get along” diary.

    This accomplishes several things.

    Good for the site — lots of hits, lots of comments.

    Good for the Obamacrats and Dem party hardliners because they get attention the merits of their arguments don’t deserve.

    Bad for leftys because the inevitable kumbaya diaries try and make folks believe this is merely a personal fight and we’re all really just the same inside.

    Except we aren’t.

    Rinse, wash, repeat.

    I’ll take all that ranting seriously when someone, anyone, admits it is a real fight, not just a matter of civility.  It’s a fight for power in the party.  Odd that so many try and portray it as something else.

    • TMC on March 9, 2010 at 20:37

    Looks like the class I’m just finishing up now. Huge room and 10 people including the instructors.

  2. for crap right now.

    Laughed at GOS meta war.

    so, heres in the local news… local school district, reorganization…. we have one of THE largest districts in teh country.

    wtf how stupid can these frikking bureaucrats get? its so top heavy its ridiculous.

    Today HISD Superintendent Terry Grier appointed 14 School Improvement Officers (SIO) as part of HISD’s leadership reorganization which will take effect in the 2010-11 school year.

    The School Improvement Officers named today are all highly successful, energetic, reform-minded leaders who will provide coaching, mentoring and support to HISD elementary, middle and high school principals and staff to improve student achievement and share best practices.

    Instead of working with multiple school levels in a feeder pattern like the current executive principals, the SIOs are assigned to either elementary, middle or high schools. They will report to three Chief School Officers (Elementary, Middle and High School).

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