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  1. What happened to those February southern springs?

  2. commondreams has this… Im not hearing a whole lot of yelling (well okay, MoT is probably hoarse by now. lol)

    It’s getting even uglier in Washington DC.

    Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that President Obama’s advisers are “nearing a recommendation” that the administration overrule Attorney General Holder’s plan for a criminal trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other Guantanamo Bay detainees and revert to Bush/Cheney military commissions. Negotiations have reportedly been underway between Rahm Emanuel and Senator Lindsey Graham, with Graham allegedly promising to help the administration curry favor with Senate Republicans in his bid to close Guantanamo Bay if the president abandons his Attorney General and his pledge to defend the rule of law.

    We are now witnessing Washington, D.C. politics at its absolute worst. The recommended White House flip-flop on terror trials puts politics above national security. “Change we can believe in” is being replaced with some of the worst Bush/Cheney policies.   The advice that Rahm Emanuel and his White House colleagues is apparently offering the president is dead wrong principally, practically and politically:

    This shit is so fucked up.

    I gotta go krogering. See youse later.

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