Obama’s Disregard Of The U.S. Constitution

President’s Obama misuse of the role government continues to go beyond the breeches of Richard Nixon, and is equally as bad as George W. Bush/Dick Cheney.

We’ve already scene this abuse before with the indefinite detaining of people with no legal process, Military Tribunals, the denial of Habaeus Corpus, the perpetuation of horrific CIA Secret Renditions, escalating Predator Drone reckless Bombings of civilians throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, sheltering and providing legal protections for Human Torturers, the perpetuation of the Orwellian “U.S. Patriot Act“, new undeclared Paramilitary and Military provocations and hostilities in Iran and against Venezuela (via Columbia), and on and on and on.

If any Foreign leader on the planet ever did these things, the U.S. Media and our Government would universally regard him as a dangerous Tyrant on the World stage, and a War Criminal.  

But Obama has obliterated the Constitution and the role of government now in an entirely new way.  He has made it unlawful for an American citizen to exist without writing overpriced checks to a predatory Corporation, for an unguaranteed product.

Not only has he used the role of government to subsidize and advance the interests of a Corporate Monopoly, using the hard-earned money of American citizens (itself a robbery of the public), but he has also tasked the I.R.S. to deprive them of their own private money and assets, if they do not become the slaves of these predatory Insurance Monopolies.

Now, this is not free market capitalism.

It is not socialism (as “teabaggers” might incorrectly claim).

It is not communism or a “Soviet health care” system.

It is pure Fascism/Corporatism.

It is a 100% misuse of Government, and Violation of the Oath of Office: to protect and defend the Constitution.

For Obama to direct American Citizens to be captives of a Coporate Monopoly, and then criminalize them through the I.R.S., makes Richard Nixon look like a saint in comparison.


This is like mandating that people must all now do their Banking with Bernie Madoff, or face the collection of their assets by the I.R.S.

They rights and freedom of poor American citizens have been denied once again, and the costs and burdens fall squarely on their backs.    Since the rules don’t kick in for a few years, the real anger and backlash won’t occur until Obama is already comfortably out of office, on the sands of Hawaii (or making millions in Corporate speaking fees).

This is not only not the progressive answer, but Obama’s Tyrannical abuse of the proper role of government is tantamount to Treason.


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  1. I’m not aware of anything in it that this would seem to violate directly (perhaps in spirit).   Do you have a specific violation in mind?

    Not that it matters, since the supreme jerks would rubber stamp this crap anyway.  

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