Markos’s fatwa on Kucinich

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Flying assassin robot, Marc Thiessen Markos Moulitsas, enters the final stage of development.

I’m not sure if Moulitsas’ gambit is tantamount to:

The privileged stupidity of Maureen Dowd:

Maureen Dowd thinks she can walk into Mecca and demand to know what all this gol’ darned Islamic fundamentalism is all about.

Or the arrogant de-tumescence of Tom Friedman.

You can read this and other fine recent Daniel Larison for an explanation of just how shameful this sort of post-hoc rationalizing of murder and destruction really is, but what actually strikes me as the most inhuman, the most anti-human idea of all the inhuman ideas lodged in the reptilian, blood-drinking brains of Thomas Friedman and his crocodilian cohort, is the horrific notion that the highest lifetime achievement is voting in an election. Seriously. The pinnacle of the human experience at the ballot box. It is quite seriously insane. It elevates a procedural aspect of one particular form of government to a categorical moral virtue. It proposes that participation in electoral politicking occupies the same plane of significance and value as orgasm or childbirth, as making a home, as cooking a meal for one’s family, as meeting a new lover, as seeing a beautiful work of art or hearing an ingenious piece of music, as singing, as dancing, as getting a good night’s sleep, as spending a day on the water, as bartering and bargaining at the marketplace, as religious ecstasy, if you’re into that sort of thing . . . I mean, there is a whole panoply of centrally human experiences, and while a weak argument can be made that these are more readily available under some forms of governance than others, acts of civic engagement just aren’t that fucking important. A life without elections or a life without lovemaking? If you had to choose. And that is what’s so goddamned monstrous about Friedman. We destroyed these people’s lives, and we propose to buy off their suffering with congressional campaigns? Jesus wept.

I personally think it’s somewhere in between.

It bodes not well, fellow detainees.


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  1. the officially approved ‘left.’

    He should be ashamed.

  2. I happened across a thread about the Markos attack on Kucinich on a musicians forum, and the musicians were all laughing at him.

    It’s interesting though, that forum has really pushed a bunch of people to think like little American politicians–can’t say this, can’t say that, must do what Markos wants (what is that this week?)–hence they’ve all moved rightward.

    But, beyond his little empire the little gnome is a laughing stock.  

    • Eddie C on March 11, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    The person who is suppose to represent the left leaning blogs attacking an elected official on the left.

    Maybe kos can even go one further and get Kucinich replaced with a Republican. He can raise the funds on DailyKos for a primary challenge then when the tow Dems spend enough time knocking each others brains out, a Repug challenger might sound better to voters.

    So typical for American politics.    

    • Wom Bat on March 11, 2010 at 5:14 pm
  3. …just another way to say that on some issues and strategies he is an imbecile.

  4. you’d think he would have at least tried to pronounce Kucinich’s name correctly.

    Kos has always had it in for Kucinich, like when he summarily dismissed Kucinich’s entire anti-war, anti-corporatist Presidential primary campaign simply by calling Dennis a ‘flake’.

    It’s the typical inside-outside game Kos has always played.  He’s a good Dem that way.

    • Big Tex on March 11, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    about Kos’s pillorying of Kucinich for his principled opposition to the Senate bill is the hypocrisy.  It wasn’t that long ago that Kos wanted to kill the bill, too.  I guess Rahm got to him–that, or he’s just trying to pander to the Obamabots who have pretty much taken over his blog.

  5. His public Comments at the commonwealth club about his interviewing for the CIA are incredible to listen to.

    The censorship system at regarding 9/11 and election fraud indicates that the site functions as a tool for controlling dissent.

    Markos comes of as a bit of a thug/attack dog, just smart enough to read his lines

    Kucinich is smart, brave and honest.

  6. …to say thanks for his Out of Afghan Res and to support his stance against Obamacare’s HCR bill, the title of which should now be: “Th Insurance Companies Enrichment Act of 2010.”

    • ANKOSS on March 12, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Markos is a big fan of the CIA. Too bad he couldn’t find work there.  

  7. Kucinich is right.  The HCR bill is nothing more than a huge give-a-away to the insurance companies.  

    Insurance insider Wendell Potter has continually said that this bill is the best thing to happen to the industry with the mandate and that they WILL get around the “regulations” in the bill.

    I applaud Kucinich and I thumb my nose at Markos.

  8. Excellent band name.

  9. Mike Gravel took out one of only two Senators who voted against the Vietnam War in a Democratic primary.

    Legend has Gravel as the ultimate anti-war hero.

    Markos has grievous faults.

    Come to think of it, we all do.

    Best,  Terry

  10. as posted in Op Ed News

    Markos Moulitsas…said on his blog, “Dennis Kucinich has always been a little prick, and that hasn’t changed. He’s someone who deserves a real primary.”

    —bolding mine.

    This was the same day kos was on the Olberman show.

    What was that saying about the pot calling the frying pan…?

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