LMAO! RNC Steele: Hardlookin’, Hook, Line, and Sinkin’

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Just what we needed to brighten things up on an otherwise drab Monday !

Yo, Republican Party –  doesn’t calling it“frivolous luxuries which are out of reach of the vast majority of the American People”  imply that given the cash, we would all be going to dinners at the local bondage themed nightclub featuring live bedroom antics ?

Some of us, you know, the old married farts, regular working people,  and the ones not on Ted Haggard’s Cash for Public Blessings speed dial, just want to eat a steak and a salad and maybe some ice cream if it’s a Saturday, and then fall into bed at home, and go to sleep afterwards.  No ropes required.

HuffPo says the kink, er, link webpage is down right now.  Oh, dayam.

This is where the Chairman of the Republican National Committee likes to Party, oh, wait, he’s denying it, it was somebody else at the RNC, at Voyeur West Hollywood. Who Knew that lavish nightspot drinking, “highbrow elegance, and a bit of S&M are not mutually exclusive” ?

Dear RNC, “Tone Deafness” is not quite the right phrasing, either. On behalf of the truly pitch impaired singing public, try “Please accept that kinkyness is a GOP Party requirement” and see how it goes with your Family Values appeal.

“The appearance is bad, I’ll give you that,” said Larry Farnsworth, a Republican strategist and former press secretary to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, “But… it’s tough raising money and I don’t think donors want to meet for free waffles and coffee at the Holiday Inn Express. These guys want to be wined and dined, it’s the dirty part of politics.”  

Yeah, Denny Hastert’s former Press Sec would about that, wouldn’t he?

The Chain. Fringe Version.

Michael Steele. The GOP Gift That Keeps On Giving a New Image to Republicans.  Was this why Palin was in those black leather duds with zippers with Gramps McCain this weekend for the Pima County Fairgrounds Reunion ?  http://www.azstarnet.com/news/…



Tuesday Morning Chuckler Update, or How to CYA, RNC “Young Eagle” Style

It gets better. Dave Dayen had a post at Lake du Fire Dogs about who the happy staffer was who charged $1946.25 to the RNC for those “meals” at the bondage niteclub.


Dynamic Marketing. The guy who does CA Repub guber candidate Steve Poizner’s campaign literature and mailings, named Erik Brown.  He’s also done work for Chuck Devore.

Here’s a little bio of Erik Brown: http://www.democraticundergrou…

A graduate of the University of California Irvine with a degree in Political Science, Erik has been an active member of The National Honor Society, Young Republicans, Friends of the NRA, Claremont Institute, and the Sheriff’s Advisory Council. Apart from a passion for politics and a driving commitment to advocate on behalf of founding principles, Erik is a sportsman and a mentor to young athletes. As an ice hockey coach for over 12 years, his teams have won acclaim as State, District, and National Champions.

Erik is married to Alison Brown, a graduate of Chapman University and an MBA student at UCI’s Merage School of business. Alison has served as President of the Illuminating Engineers Society of Southern California, a mainstay of her industry. A former director of the Sunday school, Alison and Erik reside in Las Flores, California and are actively involved in the ministries of their local church.

Claremont Institute. Heh. That’s Howard Ahmanson the multi millionaire SoCal banker developer, uber conservative evangelical pushing the Episcopalian Church split,  and Prop 8 supporter.

CA 04 Congressman McClintock (who was parked at the Claremont for a short time between terms of office years ago)  just endorsed Steve Poizner for governor.

Wonkette has another must see photo of Eric Brown,  entranced with somebody’s “sweater puppies”


ROFLMAO the Dynamic Marketing site is gutted and says “Stay Tuned, New Site Coming Soon.”  http://www.dmidirect.com/     His facebook page and twitter has also been offlined.  Erik Brown wrote that he attended a football game with Michael Steele last October and his facebook, before deleting, had that he was working on another big RNC project. Ya huh. Attaboy, Erik.

“Poizner Consultant”  


Oh, and the Red County Republican blog has been doing the cya story about how this wasn’t really Steele’s or Erik Brown’s fault- it was the female RNC staffer they’ve since fired –  See Wonkette’s version, as Politico doesn’t name the staffer.

The Atlantic names the fired staffer:  It’s Allison Meyers, Director of the RNC’s Young Eagles program, who allegedly organized the fundraiser at the Hilton last January and then allegedly led the party over to the Voyeur afterwards.


He only paid for it because the Voyeur Niteclub rejected Allison Myer’s RNC credit card ! yeah, sure, lol lol lol  –



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  1. … doesn’t resign.  We need men like Michael Steele leading the Republican Party, recruiting competent candidates who eschew waffles, and burning all that wing nut cash on voyeurism.

    My theory is that maybe the Dems could lose the bipartisanshipthingee fetish if it got too outrageous.  Hmmm.    

    • TMC on March 30, 2010 at 01:28

    They call this the full service bar

    full service bar

  2. a perfect 30-sec spot.

  3. The corporate Dems have to provide some excuse to their constituents for doing nothing. The bipartisanship mantra is probably the best of numerous lame excuses that they can offer. And this plays well to many in their base (like the GOS crowd), who worship the concept of peace at any price.

    Will Steele resign? Does it really make any difference?

    Let’s see, how long ago was it that Rush (Mr. Oxycontin) Limbaugh returned from the Dominican Republic in late June, 2006 and was found in possession of a Viagra prescription that was not in his name. Hmmm..a single guy taking along Viagra to a country that is well known for child sex tourism, presumably because there were no available means of finding an adult sexual partner (paid or unpaid) in this country.  But the Republicans, opportunistic moralists that they are (you know, the “Do as I say, not as I do crowd”), happily look the other way, the Christian Reich included.  

    And then there is the matter of drug abuse, since Limbaugh was already in trouble for having his housekeeper purchase extra prescriptions of oxycontin for his “benefit.”  And about drugs, Rush, during his short-lived television show, said the following on October 5, 1995…

    “Drug use, some might say, is destroying this country. And we have laws against selling drugs, pushing drugs, using drugs, importing drugs. … And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up.”

    Rewind to 2004, and we may recall the sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly, which included some sordid statements by O’Reilly and was reportedly settled for millions of dollars.  For a few details, you can go here.

    Oh, and more recently we have David “Diaper Boy” Vitter, Senator from Louisiana, whose escapades were in the news during mid-2007. Conveniently for him, one of his prime witnesses (remember Debra Jean Palfrey?), was reported to have hung herself in 2008, and the story suddenly disppeared.  More detail can be found here.

    And there’s Mark Foley, the former representative from Florida who resigned following the scandal regarding his extracurricular activities with male pages, resigning on September 29, 2006.  

    And there was Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, former senator from Idaho, who was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on June 11, 2007. So far, despite his best efforts, playing footsie in airport bathrooms has not yet been sanctioned as an Olympic event.

    This list, if continued, could fill many pages, however, it wouldn’t change anything.  The faith-based lemmings will do whatever their leaders tell them to do, after all, to do otherwise would suggest a lack of faith (faith defined as belief in the absence of proof). Even the slightest lack of faith is considered the epitome of shame.

    When all is said and done, there is one and only one unforgivable sin in the Republican universe (and for most of the Democrats as well), and that fatal third-rail consists of any violation of the following dictum:

    “First, do no harm (to any wealthy person or corporation).”

    Crossing that line represents certain political suicide.  

    Just ask Jon Edwards, whose populist statements, in contrast to Obama and Clinton, earned him the ire of the corporate media.  Remember, this was well before the affair came to light.  

    Remember, during the 2008 Iowa presidential primary, Obama came in first, and Clinton third.  And who, exactly, was it that came in second?  Whoever it was was apparently not worth mentioning, or he was, it was only briefly, and far deeper into the story than Hillary Clinton’s third-place performance.

    To see for youself, you can go here, here, and here.  

    On the following news clip, Edwards barely receives any mention, but Hillary (who came in third, does).  Big Money had already decided that Edwards was persona non grata…

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