Lie Alert: Senate Blames House; House Blames Senate

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We are now entering the final insult phase of Health Care by the Democratic Party.

Dick Durbin went on record to state that he would whip the Senate against any consideration for “public option” related amendments to be brought up in that chamber — even though over 40+ Senators are already formally on record in favor of supporting having it added during reconcilliation.  His excuse?  The House would never agree to it.  The same House that had already passed it last year. Keep in mind that the original reason why the Senate dropped the public option, was because it did not have 60 votes — not 50. Simply getting 50 was never (originally) a problem.

Durbin has since said that he will strongly support the public option if (and only if) the House moves to add it back first (before the Senate acts) during the reconcillation process. So Durbin is trying to fool people into thinking that we would have a public option — but it is just the House that is the obstacle  (the same House that had already passed it last year). In fact, Durbin could allow the public option amendment, and whip the Senate in favor of it..and then make the House vote on that.


Meanwhile, over in the House, Nancy Pelosi is now saying that she will never take up the public option because the U.S. Senate could not ever pass the bill. But the Senate never had a problem with 50 people (it had been 60 that was the original problem), and already 40+ Senators have come out on their own and publically signed a statement pledging support for a Senate public option. Given Durbin’s artifical and phony requirement that the House must act first, Nancy Pelosi could add the public option, if she really wanted to, into the House version — as we know the House had already passed a bill last year with the public option included.

But now Nancy Pelosi (like Joe Lieberman) only supports a gutted House bill that is completely stripped of the public option.   See:   Pelosi Blocks Public Option.  Of course, Pelosi wants to just blame it all on the Senate, where getting 60 votes had been the
problem — not getting 50.

“We’re talking about something that is not going to be part of the legislation.”

         —NancyImpeachment is off the tablePelosi,   March 12, 2010

So what we are seeing here is a completely phony PR game, where the Senate is preemptively blaming the House for the lack of a public option, and the House is preemptively blaming the Senate for the lack of a public option —  and they have both made a secret pact not to act first to ensure passivity by the other branch……. because clearly the House already has the potential of actually passing a public option, and the Senate has the 50 votes literally almost in hand (and there’d be no issue if White House support was occurring).

Who’s behind all of this madness?

Barack Obama

Obama and Rahm Emanuel are the ones ordering Pelosi, and his close pal Dick Durbin, to forget about any public option. Obama and Emanuel want it completely stripped from the reconcilliation process. They’re the ones putting pressure to hurry up…hurry up..and just pass it right now (as is) — before that U.S. Senate list of ‘official’ public option supporters grows any further from the number 42 .. 45 .. to 50 (which it would with a visible effort).

So when Dick Durbin says no public option is possible and blames the House, and Nancy Pelosi says no public option and just blames the Senate — that just means what really is going on is that the White House wants to kill it. (irrespective of 40 meaningless minority GOP Senators).

It’s Obama who does not want, and will not support the Public Option (or Medicare Expansion)….not now, nor in the future.   And Nancy Pelosi is helping him kill it.

The votes are there, but yet the whole process is pre-emptively shut down and closed off!

Bottom Line:   Obama and the Democratic Leadership, and not the GOP, have conspired to kill the public option.


The Monopolists best friend.

“You Peasants Ain’t Never Gettin No Stinkin Public Option On My Watch!”

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  1. killing the public option and making it look like you didn’t do it.

    I have to say that Jane was right on the money from the start with the public option “hot potato” meme.

    Imagine if they had put as much effort into getting real reform as they did in killing the public option.

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