If You Do Nothing Else Today…

Some or maybe most of you have long been familiar with Declan Galbraith and his important work. If so, please accept my apologies for recycling old news. In the event that you may have missed this as well, please take a few minutes to consider his thought-provoking and heart-wrenching message.  

Somehow this young man’s considerable talents had escaped my attention until this morning, when a dear friend sent the video along via e-mail.  

Declan composed and performed “Tell Me Why”, his first single, on December 9, 2002, ten days shy of his eleventh birthday. The video, first posted on youtube on January 31, 2008, has since been viewed more than a quarter million times.  

The following paragraph, courtesy of wikipedia, provides the following information…

On December 9th 2002, the largest choir in history, drawn from all parts of the UK and Ireland, joined Declan to sing ‘Tell Me Why’ for a Guinness World Record. The event was organized by ‘Young Voices in Concert’. Funds from the record-breaking attempt were donated to the Sargent Cancer Care for Children.

After perusing this video, if you’d like to learn more about Mr. Galbraith, you can find it here.

When you watch this video, particularly for the first time, please carefully consider the meaning of his lyrics, which, helpfully, are superimposed on the screen. Please imagine yourself being asked this same question, and contemplate what your answer might be. Rather than launch into any further introduction, I will simply invite you listen to what this young man has to say…


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  1. my thought is that our collective commentary can far more eloquently divine the meaning of this song.

    My initial thought is that Mr. Galbraith is but one of millions of young people who are already asking these questions.  Should the present course of our country and this world continue, unaltered, legions of other young people are sure to add their voices to his.

    Will we respond and if so, how?

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