If Obama was a socialist and the Democrats were socialists…

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There would have been no Wall Street bailout.  Instead, SWAT teams would have come with battering rams to AIG and Goldman Sachs, the windows would have been smashed in and the corporate officers would have been hauled away in orange jumpsuits and chains.  Then FBI agents would have been seen carrying off boxes of papers and computers.

If Obama was a socialist and the Democrats were socialists, there would never have been talk of “bipartisanship” from DAY ONE.

Instead, Obama would have run the White House the way that George W. Bush ran the White House, and Obama wouldn’t be talking with respect about Ronald Reagan.  Instead he would have been talking about the Republicanista Party in the same manner that George W. Bush referenced the “Democrat” party, and corporate CEOs would be invited not to lunch, but to testify at criminal inquiries.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, we wouldn’t now be debating how much of the taxpayer’s money to give the health “insurance” companies.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, the Democrats would be fighting and not asking people to vote for them because they did everything the Republicans wanted but the Republicans were still obstructing everything they did.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, the top federal tax rate on the highest earning Americans would be 70%-90%, not 35%.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, you might complain about the taxes, but the Federal Government wouldn’t be colluding with Microsoft and IBM about how many of your jobs to ship to India.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, Obama would never have given the podium to a fanatical right wing preacher at his inauguration, there would be no continuation of the office of Faith Based Initiatives, and homophobes would have been politely asked to crawl into their holes instead of having their laws defended by the DOJ by Obama’s own appointees, and those of the last administration who weren’t summarily fired (as a socialist would have done).

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, there might have been a bailout, but it wouldn’t have been to people who caused this financial catastrophe in the first place.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, Liz Cheney would be too busy visiting her father in prison in the Hague to get on the air and talk about how people defending other people in court, some of them Republicans, were “9/11 terrorist sympathizers”.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, they wouldn’t be spying on you — they’d be spying on Halliburton.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, you might still be pissed at the decrepitness and the economic malaise left over by the last administration, but there would be a social safety net and you might be able to pick yourself up off the pavement if you lost your job or were convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, or had paid your debt to society for in prison.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, our government wouldn’t be childishly wasting time debating how to further dehumanize homosexuals and women.  Instead it would be talking about the real problems of working Americans.

If Obama and the Democrats were socialists, we wouldn’t be talking about how to give more money to the Pentagon and the prisons, when they already have trillions of our money.


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  1. would be enraged.

    Just as they are enraged .. RIGHT NOW.

    • Edger on March 8, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    Show me where he ever campaigned as a socialist or promised that he would become a socialist.

    These things take time. He’s only been in office for 13.5 months. Be patient. Have a latte. Clap louder.

  2. that, my friend, would be change I could believe in.

  3. apparently in the teabagger’s nightmares. I believe Obama and his handlers cultivate this upside down meme. It keeps the supporters riled up and willing to go to any length to prove them wrong. The skewed fiction that this is a right wing country makes it legitimatize the administration’s fascist agenda and along with the Cheney monster makes the dumb fuck left quake in their boots and shout Pass It! We need to win! So cut off our noses to spite those loonies on the right.

    Pretty good trick as the right then gets to set the agenda which is supported by the ”pragmatic moderates’ who call it good because after all were a right wing nation full of lunatics who hate socialists.  We have to compromise in order to get more war mongering, fascistic, Democrats elected so we can win the incremental battle against the extreme from both ends and stop Jane Hampsher. Were not socialists, we do not disparage wealth creation, our enemies are the teabaggers and right so we will be just like them but a little more moderate.  

    Here’s a eyeopening poll, which goes to show that Democrats do not need to do this to win…. from Chris Weigant via Huffpo, that nest of wingers…

    ‘But first, the news that Representative Alan Grayson, he of the fiery lefty rhetoric, is leading an opinion poll conducted in his district, heading into the election. Grayson was far and away the most popular candidate, at this point. He led the pack with 27.8 percent, which doesn’t sound too impressive until you hear that nobody else got more than 3.7 percent (57.7 percent were, admittedly, undecided). But the delicious irony of this poll is that the respondents were Republicans. That’s right — Grayson is not just wildly popular among lefty Democrats across the land, he is also apparently more popular among Republicans in his own district than anyone they’ve got to put up against him. Grayson also, the last time fundraising numbers were released, raised more cash (from people across the country grateful he was actually standing up and fighting for the Democratic position) than anyone else. There’s a lesson here among all the irony, if only Democrats would take it to heart.’


    Lot’s of people would like a little socialism about now, but instead were told and many believe that the time is not right and that real governance and equality is indeed socialism. We don’t disparage wealth here, and besides falling banksters and Sarah Palin will kill yer family so pass it now and believe it’s the right thing to do. CEO’s are good people and war is peace, we are real American’s united and by-partisanly not socialists.                    

  4. replacing the word socialist with the word globalist while reading your essay.  Mind you I had a friend and boss who is Russian and immigrated to this country many years ago.

    In I think it was 1984 he was asked what he thought of America after two years on the job.  His answer?

    “Now I have lived in two socialist countries”.

    The difference?

    Russia controls people at the point of the gun, the US does it by social norms and bullshit programming.

    Oh, and has there been a recent increase of this point of the gun shit or what.

    PS for Colorado

    Anomalies of Denver International Airport

    I’m not really a prick, just trying to get people’s minds going.

  5. from the Crown to the Charter Companies themselves. Nothing surprising there. Who the fuck runs the joint anyhow? Democracy has always been a pipe dream. Take away the Roosevelt presidents, and we’d all be indentured servants by now.  

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