If BlueDogs sink HCR I will put my foot so far up their a$$es they’ll be flossing with my shoelaces

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    The Republican wing of the Democratic party. The Blue Dogs. The ConservaDems. These assholes licked Bush’s fingers for a taste of his dinner and now they are biting Obama’s hand every time he reaches out to them. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

    So here is the deal. I already despise the Corporatist sell out Blue Cross/ Blue Shield dogs. They undermine Democratic ideas and damage our brand, and if they stay quiet and out of the way I can suffer them, but mark my words . . . .

    If BlueDogs sink HCR I will put my foot so far up their a$$es they’ll be flossing with my shoelaces

    This will be a short diary, as what I have to say is fairly simple. Any politician who votes NO on this bill is officially my mortal enemy. They are rooting for my illness and poverty at best, and my death at worse. Why? Because they do not represent people, but instead they represent the greedy, bloodthirsty insurers, and the profit motive for a politician who does the insurers bidding is the bribe of campaign donations, all so the insurers can keep making their blood money profits. FUCK THAT AND FUCK THEM.

   With that being said, I can safely say that PeanutButterPAC will do it’s best to kick the ass of every NO vote on this Health Care Bill so hard their asses will be up near their armpits, and if you want to join up and help us, the more the better.

Rant continued below the fold . . .

If you want to kick Blue Dog a$$ join PeanutButterPAC, the PAC that fights for people, NOT corporate wealth.

    A NO! vote for HCR = a vote for more sick, dead and bankrupt Americans. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat is irrelevant, your NO vote is a vote for more sick, dead and bankrupt Americans.

   I am uninsured. My family is uninsured. Damn near everyone I know is either uninsured or going broke paying more than they can afford for protection money from the insurance cartel mafia. Do Conservatives give a shit? What do you think? For me and many others this is a matter of life and death. Am I mad? HELL YEAH I AM MAD!

    Is this the bill I wanted? No. Am I the type of dick who would kill 30 million Americans because of my ideological hang up? No. America needs this bill, we are dying for this bill, and any politician who votes to kill it is voting to kill us for profit. THIS AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND, MAN!

    Blue Dog Heath Shuler (meh-NC) is going to vote NO on Health Care Reform. Why? Because he is a corrupt corporatist douche, and if I could run an ad in his district it would say plainly “Heath Shuler is a corrupt, corporatist douche.” Many Blue Dogs are going to vote the same. Why? Because Conservatives are corrupt fucking nihilists, they believe in nothing, Lebowski, and they takes the fucking money.

    It really doesn’t matter to me who is a Republican and who calls themselves a Democrat. MORE Democrats is fucking useless if they are corrupt too. I can guarantee you this, every Dem no vote on this bill is going to haunt them in 2010, and if these shill Blue Dogs and ConservaDems think they can win without the Democratic base, well, TOUGH SHIT. I will make it my personal mission to unleash a world of pain on these assclowns, and I welcome their defeat in 2010. Just try to vote for my illness and poverty, I fucking dare you.

    So I am throwing down the gauntlet, and I hope you join me and PeanutButterPAC when I say this, any member of congress who votes for the continued illness, impoverishment and death and against this health care reform bill at the bidding of Corporate America will be entering a world of pain. Don’t make me show you what happens when you FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS!

End rant

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  1. Fuck with us, and you are entering a world of pain

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    • dkmich on March 20, 2010 at 17:06

    I sure as hell don’t.  This bill is worse than what we have.  It institutionalizes private for profit as our “universal” health care system, and it cuts Medicare and Medicaid payments to providers, who will probably start refusing to accept it, leaving another whole group without sufficient coverage.  This on top of mandates and fines and a new middle tax class, and I hope it fails.  I hope Obama and Rahm have to eat it.  They already fucked with us when they took single payer off the table and threw the public option in the trash.  World of pain, what a joke.  The left got screwed over, and I don’t care who pretends it wasn.t This is not orange.  

  2. No, eff these Vichy Pandercrat DINO Repub Lite OFA goons who are

    …. right now fighting on the internet, trying to blame the progressive caucus holdouts for this Stupak clusterf*ck.

    Let’s review here. What did the progressive caucus actually want ? A measely Public Option, and no excise tax on benefits, but instead a tax on the richest earners.  What was this going to do? Make the bill better and more popular.

    What did they get? Neither.

    Who killed it? The President, sucking up to Kent Conrad and following Rahm and Orszag’s shitty advice.

    Look at who Stupak gets his donations from during the last quarter, a bunch of pharma and insurance money executives or lobbyists.  

    Are they really this stupid and arrogant, or just blogging while drunk ?

    Progressive holdouts WILL be responsible for giving Stupak what he wants.

    If you like choice, I suggest corralling “progressive” votes.

    Anyone relishing the Stupak – Emily’s List fight just to see hcr die can jump off a bridge, and reliquish all rights to “progressive” label

    choice will get thrown under the bus if the other votes aren’t there – bank on it.


    What a pig.  This is what I suspected they (Rahm & Company) were doing all along, just using Stupak to try to scare the actual moderates and liberals into giving up the Public Option and going for that POS regressive excise tax.  

    This confirms it.

    I’ll be more than happy to stop calling myself a progressive and just go back to being liberal, just to not be associated with these idiots who think it’s okay to ban abortion in this country.


    I’ll expand it a little further and say that this is what I mean about “internet feminists” who like to pretend that they are Democrats (the party I thought had reproductive freedom rights in their platform, silly me!  turns out they’re just another group of blackmailer control freaks ) and talk about how “oppressed” they are, from a theoretical standpoint, when they haven’t an effing clue because in the real world they’re things like academics and attorneys on top of the food chain, who hate on women and anybody else who gets in their way.  

    More whine and cheese cocktail party fundraising demon krats.

    Thanks for banning abortion under a “Democratic” (sic) President by back door legislation that they’re even too timid to do a final vote on !  

    As always, months ago, I said pass the bill anyway, and then let the fallout backlash begin.  Somebody called me a “Naderite” for not being an OFA purist.  Screw them too. Sexist closet pigs.  

    Oh, and undocumented immigrants can’t buy insurance.  Racist a$$whipes, plus poor economic policy which makes the insurance pool smaller, why did we vote for this party, again ?

    I tried going after the Blew Dawgs this year and was repeatedly harassed –  along with thousands of other people who don’t like sell outs and enablers,  you have what you wanted, you made the bed, now lie in it.  Because the choice caucus will roll over, the bill will turn off plenty of people who voted Dem in 06 and 08, and then you are not going to be able to get anyone to turn out in the fall.

    NOT my problem for being unwilling to say only men can get health care, sex = potential death sentence for females,  tax the poor harder, and please give my tax dollars to the private insurance companies so they can keep bribing blew dawgs with lobbyist cash.  

    • TMC on March 20, 2010 at 17:16

    I actually told my blue dog rep that if he stuck to his no vote, I’d donate to his campaign and vote for him in Nov.

    MoT, this ain’t dkos, At this point this bill is so bad, sells out women and the middle class strapping them with taxes and fines, that killing this bill no mater what the reason is fine by me.

    If the progressive had used the tactics stupak used and had been willing to kill this bill over a public option, we’d have a public option.

    You want to attack somebody attack Stupak, his coalition that sold out women, Baucus, Nelson, and Obama, for selling out the people who elected them and their wishes.

  3. http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo

    And Schakowsky’s saying there’s no deal w/ Stupak.  “We do think we have the votes without him.”

    How odd he’s not getting an airplane ride.

  4. of anyone who calls that bullshit Health Care Reform.  

    • banger on March 20, 2010 at 20:35

    …. rather than a public policy issue.

    As many believe here there is no there there. The bill does a few good things soon and the rest is murky and doesn’t take hold until 2014 and these provisions are a poison pill as written. I think considering your DKOS audience your message is understandable. I know the bill is garbage but without garbage there would be no dumpster-diving and somebody will benefit.

    The bill is a step in trying to get the government involved in managing health-care. This is why the Republicans are so opposed — their ideology is to create a neo-feudal order where oligarchs determine the welfare of the people under their control, i.e. corporations–purely for their own benefit. If you work hard enough to please the bosses they will give you the benefits they think you deserve. If government gets involved in something as critical as HC it makes it harder for the oligarchs to dominate every aspect of worker life.

    We are seeing here a dramatic counter-revolution that is intent on not only rolling back the New Deal but the Civil War and even the Constitution. This is what some of the progressives in Congress are looking at.

  5. And I really hope you read it, MOT.

    Ny dad says he is more liberal than me, and calls me a radical.

    Here’s the thing.  

    My dad has MEDICARE.  He has no money, and some inconveniences, but he has health care.  And he’s watching this vote like it’s some kind of political football game.  To him he’s the real liberal, and I’m a radical.  Because to him, it’s not real, this is victory for the Democrats, and that’s all that matters to him.

    My brother, the little right wing fuck I love as only a brother could love, is on my side about killing the health care bill, but only because he has a fur lined mousetrap and is doted on and petted from my point of view.  That family has had more operations, more medical crises, than I could shake a stick at.  My brother has diabetes and has had his thyroid out.  One of his daughters requires massive ongoing medical care and the other daughter just had pneumonia and was in the hospital for four days.

    If I had had these things, anywhere close to the health care problems he and his family have had, I would be fucking BANKRUPT.  I would be so fucked there would be no way I would ever see daylight.  yet my brother wants the bill killed because, in his mind, black welfare moms will get decent health care and ruin the little fur lined mousetrap he has.

    Neither of these two people in my lives, who I adore and love so much because they are family, belong anywhere near this debate.

    I oppose the bill because it will lead to a Lost Generation.  Entire segments of the American population are being plowed under, and the Democrats and Republicans are screaming in political glee at the whole dance.


    The bill will not fix any problems for millions of people.  People like me, who work hard for a buck and yet are paid far less than we should be, but at the same time, we are the ones producing actual products and holding the entire fucking economy up.

    Children?  Children are covered under SCHIP.  The elderly?  They have Medicare?  The right wing?  Well, if they’re rich or work in government jobs like my brother, they just need to shut the fuck up.

    No, the people your Democrats are destroying, or at least not doing fuck all to help, are people like ME.

    You know, the ones between 30 and 65 who don’t have government jobs or work for huge corporations and are holding the entire fucking economy up, like the string holding the fucking Sword of Damocles.

    And, if I get a serious medical condition and die or am bankrupted because of it, I won’t have any money or be producing any product to hold the economy up.

    When people misrepresent, they are on the Republican Road whether they like it or not.  This bill will not do anything to cover 30 million people.  It will force them to buy insurance from criminals, but that doesn’t get them health care.

    Your Democrats say there just wasn’t the political will to get real health care done for all Americans.  Well, fuck them.  This isn’t a pony, this is life or death for millions of people.  And when the dying starts, when the dying gets really bad, it won’t even be good politically.

  6. The bloated, smelly carcass that the Democrats are trying to pass off as HCR is nothing more than a transparent attempt to turn American health care into even more of a cash cow for the insurance industry than it already is.

    Fuck the bill.  Let it die, if it does.  And whether it does or doesn’t, let the Democrats choke to death on their hubris and arrogance.  They can wander in the wilderness for another generation for all I care, because they certainly don’t do shit for us while they have the power to.

    • RUKind on March 21, 2010 at 03:40

    And let the heads roll as they may to the crowd below. But first, we start with the K St crowd, then the Wall St crowd and finish with the Health Insurance executives and boards.

    And then let Congress vote.

  7. My friend and I lost our insurance when we were laid off.

    I wasn’t able to afford insurance on my own and fought an  ex-employer for three months for unemployment benefits. MiniCobra in PA was not in effect on the date of my layoff, and it’s not retroactive. My friend has diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. She applied for miniCobra months ago and is still waiting to be accepted. I hope and pray we stay alive long enough to be in a position where we can obtain affordable health care.

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