Fighting For The People (Literally)

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A little unknown fact about me is that I fight, literally.

Not in a macho way but rather, in the same way a person hops on a treadmill or goes jogging.

The handle I have isn’t too far from the truth that I do belong to a “Fight Club” known as Mixed Martial Arts.

I never mentioned the fact that I have a martial arts background because A) who the fuck cares? and B) it would just look like i’m trying to show I have a bigger dick or something and i’m not like that.

This diary won’t be about my activity in these circles.  Instead I wish to draw attention to something that has been plaguing the community in which I go to school:

March 9th, 2010

Police arrested five people in connection with the Monday lunchtime melee that injured eight students at Hempstead High School, officials said Tuesday.

Four of them, aged 16 or older, were in the county jail in Mineola in connection with the fight, according to Det. Sgt. Anthony Repalone, a Nassau County police spokesman.…

So the kids wanna fight?  

Let’em fight….after school.

Many different reasons have been given as to the premise for these fights, race being the main one, but it’s just money getting tighter in an already gentrified and impoverished community all around and the kids bring it to class.  

Simple as that.

My solution?

Start a “Fight Club” at the local Boys and Girls Club of course!

“In Tyler We Trust” after all.

In a safe, controlled environment with trained instructors after school, we can offer free Mixed Martial Arts classes to those enrolled in the BGCA’s “Tech Connect” programs as well as programs that help with their homework after school.

Like my Italian ancestors (all of which are only photographed as a large family against brick walls oddly enough) who introduced boxing to communities impoverished by the 1920’s, so goes the tradition I suppose of bringing a more spiritual/intellectual art-form like the martial arts to communities that are struggling with the same issues with youth that have in them the same rage and need for an outlet.

Many have wondered how I have so many military friends, well, now you know.  Tactical Focus Training, CQC, etc. are all improved upon where I go to fight as well and some come back to train more while on leave…the others sometimes come back only in body bags unfortunately.

When I went to the BGCA the first time around, none of the kids were really interested in my “tech ed”, but talk about training and they wanted to know everything.  Apparently if you can skillfully and successfully drop a motherfucker they’re all ears.  I thought that such things might be counterproductive and not go over well with the administrators, but it looks like they’ll take whatever stops all this so since the kids will do it anyways, might as well teach them how and when NOT to use it.  Like you know, school for one.

It was in the cards I would be responsible for a “Fight Club” I guess, just never thought it be above ground and legit.  This stuff “underground” is nasty and unproductive anyways as we see from the article I gave.

So…it’s time.


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    • dkmich on March 15, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    During the depression, lots of people did.   It was a way to make a few bucks and a way to dream your way out of poverty.  I can’t remember what class he was, but I think middle weight.  I have a medal he won in my jewelry box.  

    Our neighbor signed his kid up for boxing lessons.  He said his kid was afraid of getting hit, and he wanted him to see that it wasn’t all that bad.    When you’re afraid of getting hit, you can’t defend yourself – unless you run.  I’d run.    

    I think fight clubs might give them a way to measure their dicks without hurting themselves and each other.  Sorry, don’t mean to disparage male dick measuring, but….  

  1. My instructor at the moment is a UFC veteran. It is a very fun sport, and at a certain point, when I have enough training, I’d like to pass on what I know. I got started fighting in my living room, which we cleared out to give space for a 15 X 15 mat. Good times.  

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