CNN Finally Gets It

What digby said:

CNNs Rick Sanchez was all confused about why so many people might suddenly be in favor of the HCR bill when they thought it was a bad idea before. Blitzer explains:


Well, you know, when people are asked, we did that poll CNN Opinion Research Poll, that said, “you like this health care bill or not like it”, we just assumed that the people who said they didn’t like it didn’t like it because it was too much interference, or too much taxes or whatever.

   But if you take a closer look at people who didn’t like it, about 12% of those people who said they didn’t like it they didn’t like it because they didn’t think it went far enough. They wanted a single payer option, they wanted the so-called public option, they didn’t like not from the right, they didn’t like it because it wasn’t left or liberal enough.

   That’s how you got 50% of the American people who said, “we don’t like this plan.” But only about 40 or 38% were the ones who said it was too much government interference.

That’s so interesting, don’t you think? Maybe Blitzer should put something in the suggestion box about that.

(emphasis mine)

Well, like DUH!. If the news media had really watched the polls all along they would have known this and maybe, just maybe, there would have been a Public Option in this bill to offset the mandates and taxes.  


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    • TMC on March 25, 2010 at 00:46
    • Edger on March 25, 2010 at 01:18

    It kind of sounds to me that CNN is setting up the spin here – to say effectively “well… it’s ONLY the 12% fringe DFH wackos who want a single payer public option – and anybody reasonable is dead set against any government plan or interference and would much rather have ‘free market forces’ in charge of health care“.


  1. Those who are really pissed and didn’t think the bill did what it should have, I mean — they could those who are pissed on the side of going farther as if they were people who are in favor of the bill.

  2. against the bill is a “teabagger” or a republican….you might think that the republicans have a chance to “take back their government” in November.

    Wolf is not smarter than a “fifth grader” or a rock.

  3. the news snooze media just didn’t want to know about it, in order to be able, innocently, to keep doin’ the massah’s work.

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