Brown Lied at Iraq War Inquiry

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And he got caught!

Will this bring Brown done in the coming election, while the guiltier, here and over there, maintain their freedom from their crimes!

Brown forced to change stance on army spending

Which will inflame the families of the fallen Brits who were trumpeting that the troops were under equipped and lacked training on some of the equipment they did have.  

Mar 17, 2010 Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Wednesday that his statements on defence spending at an inquiry into the Iraq war had not been entirely accurate, an embarrassing moment in the run-up to an election.

Brown faces an uphill battle to stay in office beyond the election, expected on May 6, with the Conservatives ahead of his Labour Party in the polls.

Critics have accused him of restricting funding to British forces in Iraq. But Brown has steadfastly responded that during Labour’s time in government — during which he was chancellor for 10 years and prime minister for the past three — defence spending rose every year.

He stuck to that line at an official Iraq war inquiry. –>–>–>

You gotta love the Queens English as seen here:

Gordon Brown’s apology had shades of a child drinking cod liver oil

18th March 2010

‘Sausage dog with a dry nose’: Gordon Brown at PMQs yesterday

There was not much snap in Gordon Brown’s celery yesterday. It was probably the penultimate Prime Minister’s Question Time before the General Election yet Mr Brown spoke quietly, tone downbeat. In mood and tempo he was andante rather than spirito.

During some exchanges he did not lift his eyes. Had he been a specimen at Crufts you would have concluded that this sausage dog had a dry nose.

Just a couple of weeks ago the lava flowed from Mr Brown, red and molten. Yesterday he was no more volcanic than a mole hill. Is everything all right? Or have the glooms descended again?

In his first answer Mr Brown was obliged to cough up a correction about his claim to have increased defence spending every year since 1997. –>–>–>

Gordon Brown in ‘humiliating climbdown’ on defence spending

17 Mar 2010 Gordon Brown has made an embarrassing retreat over his support for the Armed Forces, admitting his repeated claims to have increased defence spending were wrong.

The Prime Minister conceded that statements he made to the House of Commons, to the Iraq Inquiry and to members of the Armed Forces had been incorrect.

The rare admission of fault by Mr Brown comes after an acrimonious public row between the Prime Minister and senior military figures over his record on defence. –>–>–>

Could this cause the Chilcot Inquiry to not only toughen it’s questioning but look deeper at the already given testimony covering weeks, Lets Hope So, and lets hope it brings some minds here to start fighting for the Needed Real Inquiry, where it all started!!


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