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Tocque’s outstanding essay on the impotence of political blogging has brought us to a watershed moment on Docudharma. Will this blog continue to be just another breast-beating exercise in group futility, or will we move the first stone to build an effective progressive political movement on the Internet? It is time to stand and deliver. If this blog is not the place to begin the fight against America’s predator elite, then we must find one that is.

Accordingly, I propose:

1. That the members of the Docudharma community recommend candidate targets for direct personal political action.

2. That the members agree, by vote or consensus, on a common target for direct political action.

3. That the Docudharma blog prominently publicize the chosen action and all traffic reference this action.

4. That the Docudharma community reach out to other Internet groups to make common cause in pursuing the chosen direct action.

To begin the dialog, I propose a national boycott of FedEx as a candidate for collective direct action. See this link for the rationale:…

The facts are plain. Blogging without direct action is an impotent evolutionary dead-end for Internet politics. We must learn to use the Internet to mobilize EFFECTIVE political action. It is time to awaken from the enfeebling trance of empty emotional blog posting. It is time to take action.


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  1. I’m sorry, I don’t have time or energy to go into this. However, I will say that if you believe that “all roads leads to Washington” is a principle worth keeping in mind, then your idea fails this test. I mentioned this principle just recently at DD, here.

    I don’t mean to imply that all good ideas must meet this criteria. But if you want to do more than nibble around the margins, ultimately you can’t escape the central problem of FIRING bad Congress critters, who are the gatekeepers of so much political power in the US.

    Tell me how your plan has a hope of a hint of a prayer of getting more Dennis Kucinich’s in office, and I’ll be interested. Otherwise, probably not.

    ( BTW, if you look at back a OpenLeft some months ago, there was a big hubbub about boycotting Wild Oats, because it’s libertarian owner made some remarks that lefties didn’t like. I predicted that any effective boycott wouldn’t last more than 3 weeks, and so far as I know, that has been the case. Anyway, I want us to ‘boycott’ crummy, lying political candidates, so that they can’t keep making repeat appearances as Congress critters. )

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