A Really Silly Diary

Usually I don’t do silly but my copy of the Daily News today has me in stitches. The ‘Topless’ snow lady in New Jersey was finally covered up after getting some frosty looks.

Who did these crazy people from Rahway, N.J think they were? You can’t show a naked lady in a family community.

Finally after a visit from Rahway’s Finest, justice was served. I love the fact that after the neighbor harassment that the cops had a hard time taking seriously, the creators of the naked snowlady picked a bikini top and sarong to mask their crime.

Sometimes art can be so ephemeral.

By Monday, warmer weather had melted the snowlady from a D cup to a C cup and it was taken down.

But the story is a keeper. The Daily News story was pretty good and made all the points I would. I guess kids in Rahway will need to wait until their twenty-first birthday for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum.


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    • Eddie C on March 4, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    But today is a nice day to get out of the apartment.

  1. Thanks, Eddie. Silly is always welcome.

  2. bwahahahahahahaha

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