You can help write the 2010 Green Party Platform

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Attention Green Party members!

I'd like to invite you to an experiment in online democracy.

The Green Party of the United States is amending its platform for 2010.

You are invited to help update the Green Platform in an open, collaborative process on and, the website of the Green Party of the United States.

A number of volunteers have already joined our platform writing team – will you help too?

The Green platform represents our movement's collective aspirations for an American society based on peace, justice, democracy and sustainability.

In the spirit of grassroots democracy, we want to maximize participation in the platform amendment process. So we've posted the 2004 Green platform, section by section, and we invite you to post your suggestions on how to improve it.

Read and comment on the platform. Post your suggested amendments too.

Social Justice
Ecological Sustainability
Economic Sustainability

We have until February 15th to collaborate, discuss and debate, then we'll work with you to pass on your suggested amendments to your state Green Party. Only state Green parties and national party caucuses can submit amendments. The amendments must be sent to the Platform Committee no later than April 15th.

This is your chance to lend your voice to the Green Party's vision for our world.

I hope you'll join us today, and forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues.



  1. That’d be a good start.

  2. Most Greens support cutting the military budget (I use that term because the official defense budget leaves out expenses such as war appropriations, nuclear weapons, foreign military aid, and more) by at least 50%. My own research indicates that a cut of at least 75% is warranted. I understand you were probably being facetious, but obviously we would want to retain enough defense spending to actually protect our country’s borders.

    Another idea is to rename the Department of Defense the Department of Peace.

    Also, since US employment has grown dependent on the military-industrial complex, we would need to cushion the employment shock from such cuts. We could accomplish that by investing the money in a Green New Deal, including clean renewable energy, public transportation, and conservation.

    What do you think?

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