We are Closer to What We Once Condemned a Rogue Nation! {UpDated w/video}

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That would be a Country that doesn’t follow Law nor the Human Rights of Others!!

Government Lawyers Get Hand Slapped

Terror Memos Didn’t Violate Legal Ethics, Report Finds

Bush administration lawyers did not violate legal ethics rules when they wrote memos authorizing harsh interrogations for terrorism detainees, the Justice Department said Friday, releasing the long-awaited results of its investigation into the memos.

The report focuses on three men who worked at Justice under President Bush: John Yoo, Jay Bybee and Steven Bradbury. All three worked in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, crafting the standards for interrogating high-value terrorism detainees.

As one congressional staffer said, “If the torture memos were the movie, this report is the making of.” >>>>>

The cover letter, above embedded, in the PDF form in link below, or click on any of the graphics.

From The Report

Read the cover letter sent to the House Judiciary Committee by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility:

Read The Cover Letter

Well with this, especially as one of the main reasons we destroyed a country and people, their dictator we once supported Tortured, and a Country unwilling to bring Accountability for the Crimes committed by those who Ordered these War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity we can no longer Condemn others, Anyone, for same and our Military Soldiers and Citizens are pushed into the greater danger of being treated in the same manner!



  1. Yeah, no conflict there.  And especially ethically dubious because Justice is also currently defending Yoo from a lawsuit brought by torture victim Jose Padilla.

  2. a legal opinion that attempts to Constitutionally justify, after the fact, an organized system of international torture only shows ‘poor judgment’, but does not rise to the level of professional misconduct.

    Wow.  What does a guy have to do to get arrested in this town?

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